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Myloops Revelations Volume11 image

Revelations Volume 11 (Mystery Islands) Myloops Revelations Volume 11 is a full template for your favorite sequencer, crafted by trance legend and sound designer Jani Kervinen (Mystery Islands / Kaste), known for his releases on labels such as Anjunabeats, Monster Tunes, Afterglow and showcasing his melodic uplifting trance sound. The project uses only one VST / AU instrument : LennarDigital Sylenth1. It includes the full arrangement with MIDI data, instrument presets, mixing and leveling, FX chains, and automation. It is 100% royalty free and can be used as a base for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool. Explore the arrangement, find out how the basslines and synths have been made and put together, expand your synth ...

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Facebook give-away gift :-) standard

Thanks to everyone for your support on our music and our products (soundsets, samplepacks and plug-ins). As we reached 500 likes on facebook page today, we are giving away Apple Logic ES2 soundset volume 1 for free until April 16th 2014. We won’t mind, if you like our page incase you haven’t done that already. You can enter to like our page and find the coupon to use in our store! Due to our internet provider; Coupon usage has been extended to April 16th! Thanks to everyone again!

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Access Virus|HC AudioUnit & VSTi Editor Plugin image

Virus|HC Librarian Editor AU & VSTi plugin, our answer to your prays. (HC = Hardware Controller). After several years ago, Access Music introduced their Virus TI synth range, which was boosted up with massive features such as audio stream directly into your DAW via USB and also the Virus Control plugin. Due to these great features, the most loved editor & librarian program “SoundDiver” was forgotten and many Virus users instantly upgraded to Virus TI and perhaps forgot their Virus A, Virus B or Virus C synth. Well, it is time to pick those synths up, connect the PSU, audio and MIDI cables! We created the Virus|HC plugin to meet the standards required for DAW-working environments: Edit your Access Virus ...

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Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 AU & VSTi editor v2.0 announcement! video

We’re happy to let you all know, that we have decided to take our JP-80×0 Editor plugin to another level! We have loads of new features for version 2 to hand over, so here is a short list of what to expect: - Velocity sensitivity controls for both, upper & lower layer knobs. - Control Assign sensitivity controls for both, upper & lower layer knobs. - Remote midi channel can be set - Performance midi channel can be set - Patch names for both upper & lower layer are now available to view and edit. - Performance / patch data librarian window, to send, receive and store your own patches. You can also scroll thru the single patch files in ...

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