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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Access Virus Editor & Librarian v2 – Coming Soon!


Access Virus Editor & Librarian v2 – Coming Soon!

by | May 15, 2020 | News, Plugin Update, Virus|HC Update


  1. Antz Lewis

    Please yes – I am waiting for this before upgrading to Catalina IOS operating system – this is the last plugin to be upgraded for this that I have on my system! Looks good Antz

  2. sscheidl

    That´s great. I waited so long for this update. Thank you Jani!

    • Jani

      Yeah we’ve been wanting to do the update for a long time as well! Most complex code to re-write, thats why it was the last one to do unfortunately.

  3. Frederic

    Thank you Jani for this update !

  4. Bradlyn Oubre

    This Guy Is The Greatest Access Take Notes!!!!!!!

  5. cyber7

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this one. It is really looking great, Jani!

  6. TR0UBLE07

    Awesome! Waiting for this update is my current excuse for procrastinating and not making music ;) Thanks for all the hard work!

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Access Virus Editor & Librarian plug-in version TWO is in the making. We are very excited to show off some user interface updates so you know what to expect and we worked a lot to make the connection between the Access Virus synthesizer and the Access VirusHC Editor even tighter.

With version 2, you will get:

  • Resizable User Interface (scaled down or up).
  • Eight (8!!) new skins to choose from (requires project reload to take effect).
  • Compatibility with latest Windows and macOS.
  • New multimode mixer view with more focused control sets.
  • Easier access to global parameters than the previous version.
  • Librarian update can now handle unlimited patch banks with deeper sub-folder management.
  • Librarian update to handle requests and patches with better way.
  • Faster data transmission to hardware unit.
  • Complete framework rewrite from previous version.
  • User Manual in PDF and online format.
  • Free update if you already have Access VirusHC purchased!
  • .. and more to be announced.

Access Virus Editor & Librarian plug-in screenshots (work in progress!)

Access Virus A / B themed look

Access Virus Classic themed look

Access Virus C themed look

Access Virus Indigo themed look

Access Virus TI mk1 themed look

Access Virus TI mk2 themed look

Access Virus TI Snow themed look

Our legacy VirusHC themed look

As you can see from the images above, there is a flavor for everyone to use! Even if you have a Virus TI 2 Desktop, you can use the Virus A skin if that is your thing.

Currently our schedule says that this version might be ready within few weeks. We don’t want to promise too much, as schedules changes quite rapidly during these times.

So, scroll down further more and join our mailing list to get notified first hand when the Access Virus Editor update is available!

Learn More about the Access VirusHC AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian plug-in:

Support and documents can be found from the support pages here: – keep in mind, you need separate account for the support pages to post in forums or to comment our content in there!

Again, every feedback is much appreciated and we look forward hearing your thoughts! :-)

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