Announcement: Clavia NL3xR Editor & Librarian plug-in

Clavia NL3xR Editor & Librarian plug-in is now officially announced – 1 out of 3 revealed!

It is time to reveal our next ambitious project. This time we have taken the Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 to our desk and torn it apart. Pictures and teasers of the GUI will be spread around the social media during upcoming weeks.

Pre-orders for Clavia NL3xR will be available soon – Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the notification. Final product release date February 1st 2017 – Pre-order customers can enjoy the beta version all the way until the final version is out. Our annual holiday coupon is not valid for this pre-order, so be sure to grab it while it is on pre-order to save.

This plug-in will feature all the great features we have implemented in our editor & librarian plug-ins so far, including:

  • Total Recall on project reload.
  • Almost all parameters can be automated directly from the DAW.
  • Control all 4 slots from one plug-in to make huge layered leads or use it as a multitimbral tone generator.
  • Big display to show as much information as possible.
  • Section Locks to lock down certain areas ie, Filter Lock, OSC 1 lock etc.
  • Randomizer.
  • No more hardware-menu-diving.
  • Extensive Patch and Performance management.
  • Direct connection between software and the hardware inside your DAW – tweak your synth from the hardware interface and you can instantly see the changes in the plug-in user interface.
  • A beautiful user interface ;-) (1500 x 757 pixels – non resizable).
  • 62 and 32-bit MAC and PC compatible AudioUnit or VST host required and of course, the original Hardware synth itself.

While others has failed to make a plug-in editor for this synthesizer, we are determined to complete this task! The synth architecture is very, VERY complex and you can create tons of different kinds of patches with it. Our plug-in will make things even easier for DAW usage in mind.

We have two more plug-ins to announce during this month, so stay tuned.

Let us know what you think and spread the word – Thanks! (image above is not final and it is not the ui we have in progress)

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