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Ayleon – India


Ayleon – India

by | Oct 4, 2011 | Releases


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Track title: Ayleon – India (K-DE Remix)
K-DE Remix written and produced by Kai Harmaala & Jani Kervinen
Label: Subtraxx Recordings
Release date: 04.10.2011

Ayleon has cemented their name as one of backbones of Subtraxx. This finnish duo delivers yet another trancer of the highest standards available.India presents a beautiful un-understandable vocals. This is how we see the future of trance, lending from the epicness of the past days brought to the clear production of new decade.On remix duties we have Ayleon’s good friend Terry Da Libra who takes the tempo down a notch and keep the delivers a perfect moodKai Harmaala has always been about upliftin

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