Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

macOS Catalina updates

macOS Catalina updates

Hey folks and Happy New Year 2020!

We are getting some questions about the macOS Catalina support on our products and I’m happy to tell that 9 products comply with macOS Catalina at the moment. The two which are not yet macOS Catalina compatible are Roland JP-80×0 and Access VirusHC plug-ins.

Important thing to note about the macOS Catalina change is that new location for plug-in license and patch data has been changed. New location is at /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/(plugin name)/ – You have to manually copy and paste your existing data to the new location in order to validate the license and to have access to your favorite presets.

About the JP-80×0 and VirusHC updates: JP-80×0 is not too bad to update but VirusHC has old frameworks which need to be re-written and I’ve started that process already. In fact, we are going to bring 5 new plug-in models for VirusHC along with “legacy” HC version so you can return to your projects with ease. So what does new plug-ins mean? Well, we are making new plug-in models for each of the Virus-series.

VirusHC A – works with the first generation Virus model
VirusHC B – works with Virus B, KB, Indigo, Rack and Classic
VirusHC C – works with Virus C, KC, Indigo 2, Rack XL
VirusHC TI – works with TI 1 & 2
VirusHC Snow – works with TI Snow

New updates will also include new user interfaces / skins; virus a-b, virus c, virus ti, classic, legacy, white and dark star + indigo! New frameworks design, resizable user interface and so on.. Also, individual plug-ins will make it easier to store your settings in it like default MIDI I/O for example.

Anyway, JP-80×0 and VirusHC updates are on the way and we are looking forward to publish them out within one month! :-)

Waldorf bloX update v1.0.9 available

Waldorf bloX update v1.0.9 available

Waldorf bloX update closes in yet another milestone for Waldorf blofeld Editor & Librarian plug-in. In this update, we brought Patch search functions in librarian, resize-able GUI (requires plug-in / project restart) and some tweaks to overall data flow to make it work a bit quicker.

There are some reports in the forums where users are saying they can not import data in to librarian. If you experience any issues, please post them in the forums and we will have ’em fixed asap.

Here is the change log: (full change log page in the forums: https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/forums/topic/waldorf-blox-change-log/ )

Version 1.0.9 / 2018-12-26

* [New] Patch Librarian now includes search function. This is limited to single patch files (programs). You can toggle search window on by clicking the magnify glass in the middle section of the librarian view. Please note that letter size matters.
* [New] Resize-able GUI. There are now three different size options available and we hope they work for you. We can not make the plug-in UI too small or too big with current framework, or the graphics will look dodgy as the images are scaled.
* [Fixed] Sending programs and performances works a lot faster now.

Again, you can download the update from the downloads PAGE after login or if you want to try out the plug-in before buying:

search function included. search can be toggled on by clicking the magnify glass in the middle of the screenshot. GUI size can be selected from to top bar dropdown menu.

Waldorf bloX Update v1.0.4 Available Now

Waldorf bloX Update v1.0.4 Available Now

Waldorf bloX Update v1.0.4 is available right now.

Customers who purchased the plug-in can download the update from https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/downloads/ page OR from the product page -> downloads tab after login.

If for some reason the product is not listed / available, please contact us.

Here is what we have done:

v1.0.4 – 10.09.2018

  • [New] If user holds down Left Shift button while adjusting MULTI parameters, parameters will be sent out after shift button is released. This is made since Blofeld does not have multi parameters mapped in NRPN, SysEx or CC. Every time Multi parameters are adjusted, the whole multi must be sent to hardware, including parts data. Now if user holds down shift while setting parts 5-16 muted, multi data and data from parts 1-4 will be sent to hardware AFTER shift is released. (tested and working on MAC so far).
  • [Fixed] Adjusted program change commands to work more reliably.
  • [Fixed] When changing program with + / – buttons on different part than what was selected, selected part data was returned from hardware.
  • [Fixed] If program change was disabled on hardware, program changes were enabled via other sources. This has been changed so that if program change for current part is disabled, any program change commands from any source will be ignored.
  • [TIP] if you change programs with + / – buttons found in the mini mixer, program changes will be sent to hardware accordingly, starting from 0. Position in the Patch Librarian does NOT matter, unless “LIBRARY CONTROL ON PROG CHANGE” is active. This is because: we do not know the hardware bank content so it is pointless to follow on librarian view and show different patch names on the mini mixer and different names on the librarian view.

We are working to upload the new tutorial videos for all our products. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, open the chat or leave us a email at contact page.

As usual, if you find anything suspicious, open a new thread in the bugs section at Waldorf bloX AudioUnit / VST Editor & Librarian support area.

p.s. sale is running out in few days!

Waldorf bloX AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian plug-in


Waldorf bloX Update v1.0.0 Available

Waldorf bloX Update v1.0.0 Available

Waldorf Blofeld Editor v1.0.0 is out now! We made a lot fixes and improvements since RC1, thanks to everyone who participated! :-)

We were doing a lot debugging before pushing out the version 1.0.0, since we found something, what you might find out as well:

  • When you are reaching the limit of the Blofeld polyphony or you are pushing the data stream to limit, some sounds start to cut off every now and then.

You might find that “oh yeah I know what you’re saying“. But the reason for this is really the fact that Blofeld starts to dump random sounds every now and then from Blofeld (at least our Blofeld Desktop). Our Editor does not make any requests for those patches, you can check that with whatever sort of MIDI monitor tools. We did and we found nothing.

We did not test if this would happen if MIDI was driven to Blofeld via regular DIN cable (hmmm..). Worth a shot! So, set MIDI in at bloX Editor from Blofeld USB and try to route MIDI out from bloX via regular DIN cable.

Anyway, back to the update story. Here is what we did:

  • [New] First run splash screen.
  • [New] User is no longer able to see Multi actions from Bank Edit Menu while in Patch mode and vice versa.
  • [New] Added about… item in Bank Edit Menu.
  • [New] Added registration status to Bank Edit Menu.
  • [New] When multimode controls are moved, the entire multi bank will be sent to hardware.
  • [New] When multimode controls are moved, data is only sent after mouse control is released.
  • [New] When multi bank is sent to hardware, plug-in sends only unmuted parts to the hardware.
  • [New] When global controls are moved, data is only sent after mouse control is released.
  • [Fixed] If DAW is running, plug-in control display does not show other parts automation changes in it’s display.
  • [Fixed] Plug-in crashed DAW while playback was on. This was caused because blofeld sends random sysex packages to editor, without requesting any.
  • [Fixed] When project was recalled or data was pushed to hardware, “receiving sysex” was stuck on the display.
  • [Fixed] Part 1 is enabled by default. Parts 2-16 are muted due to total recall time. Tech: First packages take up to 3 seconds to clear the Blofeld display and only after that we can send individual parts to hardware.
  • [Fixed] When multi parameters were adjusted, patches in all parts got broken.
  • [Fixed] Global Program RX and TX menu items reworked.
  • [Fixed] Multi Tempo and Volume work as expected. These are included in the multi chunk, so please be patient when adjusting these parameters.
  • [Fixed] Multi chunk was missing part 9 details in all.
  • [Fixed] Bank name was not recalled after saving a bank to HDD with Save as or Overwrite.
  • [Fixed] Some librarian graphics issues improved.
  • [Other] Made minor change to vertical slider so it has a bit more depth. Easier to read when black scheme is selected.

Complete history of changes here: Waldorf bloX Change Log

Main User Interface:

We hope you will enjoy this update. Update is free for all the existing bloX license owners.

Download the update from https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/downloads/

As always, we appreciate our customers feedback and we want to make our products better. Thanks to everyone participated so far :-)

Product page: Waldorf bloX AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian plug-in

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