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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Roland JP-80×0 v2.6.0 Available now

Roland JP-80×0 v2.6.0 Available now

Hey all Roland fans!

The happy day is here: Roland JP-80×0 update is now available! We went above & beyond while working with the JP-80×0 update. Entire framework got re-written which was quite a task to say at least.

I did not count the commits I pushed to our GIT, but I would estimate 90% of the code got under inspection and re-write. That would result around 63 000 lines of code 🧐

Anyway, to summarize what has been changed: it’s everything. We did new graphics, with resize option of course. We did new MIDI system settings in the background to work out the transmission and receive process a lot smoother! Also, one of the long term issues has been fixed: librarian crash when making the initial scan of the JP-80×0 plug-in, woo hoo!

Version 2.6.0 / 2020-03-17 – Change Log in our Support Forums

* [MAC] Support for macOS Catalina. User data moved to /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/(plugin-name)/ folder. User must manually copy sound data from old /Documents/Mystery Islands Music/ folder to the new location.
* [New] Completely re-wrote the plug-in framework. It is still backwards compatible :-).
* [New] User Manual included with up-to-date instructions and explanations of functions. User manual located in data folder.
* [New] Release All Locks function added. Read more from the user manual how it works under certain circumstances.
* [New] Quick Save function added. Read more from user manual.
* [New] Open Data Directory function added. Read more from user manual.
* [New] User Interface resize function is working now.
* [New] User Interface graphics improved.
* [New] Patch Librarian now includes search function. Read more from user manual.
* [Fixed] Sounds were recalled in Mono in some cases. This might be the case until you re-save your project after re-selecting the Mono mode to off status.
* [Fixed] There was a lot “time out” issues under certain circumstances.
* [Fixed] In some cases, JP-8080 caused “Device not found” messages.
* [Fixed] Librarian caused plug-in to crash when making the initial scan. This should be fixed now.

Speaking of User Manual mentioned in the change log, we did it finally! Complete User Manual for Roland JP-80×0 plug-in is now available and big thanks to everyone who contributed on making it simple, clear and to the point. Special thanks to Steve Johns!

You can download the user manual from link below:

 Roland JP-80×0 User Manual

Roland JP-80x0 User Manual in PDF format.
We have covered every aspect of the plug-in usage and functions in the manual.
View Online version

13 MB

You can download the FULL installer from if you already have the full license.

Demo version can be downloaded from×0-audiounit-vsti-librarian-editor-plug-in/

Product Support, including Online Manual and User Guides for various DAW‘s in our help site:×0-editor-librarian-plug-in/

How-To Tutorial series is now available too:

Now is a great opportunity to catch up with music projects and basically everything you have wanted to do! Take care of yourself and your loved ones <3

Waldorf microQxR Editor & Librarian Update v1.0.0

Waldorf microQxR Editor & Librarian Update v1.0.0

Good news to all of our Waldorf microQxR Editor fans! We have updated the plug-in to version 1.0.0 which means: Blofeld import is here!

You can now drag and drop blofeld sound banks to /User/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf microQxR Editor/Patches folder and use presets designed in Blofeld with microQ! Yes!

Also we did some other work beyond that:

Version 1.0.0 / 2018-01-29

  • Librarian can now handle Patch files which contains multiple patches. Original Bank will be moved to /User/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf microQxR Editor/Converted Banks/ after the conversion is done.
    Note that if bank contains Multi Files as well, they can be viewed only when Librarian is in Multi File Mode.
  • Plug-in can now read Blofeld Patch files. User can now drag’n’drop any Blofeld patch banks to /User/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf microQxR Editor/Patches/ folder and they will be converted to microQxR format & original file will be moved to folder mentioned above.
    Note that patches created with Blofeld will not sound the same with microQ as there are different waveforms and modulation capabilities in Blofeld vs microQ.
  • Fixed issues where Requesting full bank of Single / Multi files did not work as expected.
  • Fixed issue where Filter, Amp, Env 3 and Env 4 did not send / receive their data properly when values were changed.
  • Included all the FX parameters to show values on the plug-in display, like they are shown in the hardware.
  • Filter Link added. Now if LINK is toggled on, Filter knobs will move dynamically, like they do in the hardware.
  • Phoenix Skin has deeper RED colour now.
  • Overall adjustments to colour schemes.
  • Fixed typo in Bybass → Bypass on all Effects and Filters.
  • Amp Mod Source and many other parameters now display the value changes in the plug-in LCD.
  • Filter 2 menu and knob positions migrated from Filter 1 to make sound designers life better ;)

Update is available right NOW at

If you would like to follow our work and keep an eye on the change logs, you can view it here.

Thanks to everyone for your inputs towards this release. We really appreciate it :)

If you find issues with this version, please leave a support request / bug report here.

Roland JP-80×0 update, Waldorf qXr update, Waldorf bloX beta RC1 & pre-order will be available this week. We will extend the pre-order time for bloX once we are ready to publish it.

Roland JP-80×0 v2.1.2 Update Available Now

Roland JP-80×0 v2.1.2 Update Available Now

Roland JP-80×0 v2.1.2 Update makes a public touchdown tonight! We have been working hard to make this update public now and we are very proud of the end result!

What has been changed? Well, a lot. But lets start from the basics. The most requested and reported issue was the librarian and how it worked out in the past. We are very happy to let you know that the librarian has had a complete rewrite and we added a lot new features too:

  • You can now rename patches or performances directly in the librarian window.
  • You can now adjust request interval between patch transmissions / requests to prevent missing patches from the process.
  • You can now import patch or performance files directly into the librarian from your HDD without the need to move files around.
  • New bank edit menu to make requests or dump data into the hardware and a lot more.
  • And a whole lot more! Check our change log tab in the actual Roland JP-80×0 product page to find out more.

JP-80x0 Librarian

New User interface. As you might have seen from our social posts, we did re-do the User Interface to meet the modern demands. Our new User Interface is 33% bigger than the old version. You might think OK, but there is a trick here: You can not adjust the UI size. It is hard coded at 1500 x 757 px so the minimum resolution for your DAW must be at 1600 x 1080 pixels.

While we got the new size, the whole main layout had a rework from knobs to buttons and so on.

What else? Total recall with MIDI ports is now working as expected. We included all of the Roland JP-8080 parameters into the plugin core, while some of them are yet to implement. This ensures the data you receive from your hardware, will not be changed when project is recalled! New features we are working on as well:

  • Randomizer (YES, a randomizer!! Screenshot of the function available in the product page).
  • Voice Modulator parameters are under way.

We are also investigating if it is possible to modify pattern / motion set data since we can receive it, we should be able to adjust it as well and send it back.

As our policy says: “Updates are free for life” – You can now download the new version 2.1.2 from your account page. – Locate orders & licenses tab and find your order from the list that contains the JP-80×0 purchase. If you can not find your download or the order or you have ordered the JP-80×0 via Producers LunchBox in the past, drop us email at support at with your purchase receipt and we will sort it out.

If you find any bugs from the release, please head down to our forums at and click Roland JP-80×0 forum and check the instructions how to file a bug report so we can fix it.

PLEASE NOTE: This new version is renamed to JP-80×0 Editor, so, if you have the old version installed, you might have to remove it manually later on :)

Manual addendum has been updated, so make sure the check it through – we have not yet updated our main manual yet!

Enjoy the new version and have a lot fun with it!

Roland JP-80×0 Update Announcement – v2.1.0

Roland JP-80×0 Update Announcement – v2.1.0

We are thrilled to let you know that Roland JP-80×0 update is coming soon. It’s been almost 3 years since the last update and there are some critical issues we need to take care of. First of all, performances seem to have some issues in some cases when data is called from the JP to the librarian, MIDI I/O state was not saved properly within the project and some other things too. Due to this massive update, old versions of the plugin are not compatible with the new one. We are very sorry for that, but it is necessary call in order to make really good.

Partial list of upcoming version 2.1.0 updates / changes are listed below. We will update the change log in the product page as we go along.

  • [New] Librarian will be completely re-written.
  • [New] Librarian controls will be simplified and buttons will be replaced by a simple Menu.
  • [New] Saving to sysex or standard midi format.
  • [New] Import sysex or standard midi format from HDD directly into Patches folder.
  • [New] Patches folder will be located in /User/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/ for quicker access.
  • [New] Rename single patches or performances directly in librarian window.
  • [New] Store current patch or performance to librarian.
  • [New] Simplified controls on main editor page to view layer MIDI channels and other information a lot better.
  • [New] Big informative display to show a lot more details about current controller and display Performance & current layer patch names at the same time.
  • [Fixed] Graphics handling improvement will save up to 100% of CPU.
  • [Fixed] JP-8000 / JP-8080 won’t change octave range to something completely different up on loading data via the plugin.
  • [Fixed] Librarian will no longer miss patches up on receiving data from hardware. (unless there is a failure in MIDI cable).
  • [Fixed] MIDI In / Out state is recalled properly after re-opening the project.

Estimated Release Date: 19-08-2016
Note 1: New version is not compatible with previous version of the plugin due to a lot of changes in the code.
Note 2: Update is free to all our existing customers as usual.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a message below to contribute. It’s a plugin for you, if you own a JP-8080 or JP-8000 so it’s your change to make a difference!

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