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Line of updates, NAMM deal and work in progress

Hi folks! Happy New Year from us! :-)

We have been extremely busy over the December / January and we haven’t had a chance to post recent update news about our products. Well, this post will change things around!

Before we go to details of product updates, Novaline Music has started to provide help in the forums for Plug-in related questions etc. We have a team of dedicated beta-testers who will check our plug-ins through & reports the found issues back to us. That being said, if you find a bug, please post a bug report in the forums.

Right, moving on. So, below is a short summary of the plug-in update stages to-date. We are going to push another update for microKxR today, but it does not affect to workflow – just cosmetic changes :-)

Download plug-in updates

What we’ve done so far for the plug-ins above: Librarian Search functions are built in and working. GUI is resize-able in all plug-ins. And of course some major bug fixes but you’ll have to read the change logs for yourself! MS2KxR got a facelift with two different GUIs and entirely re-worked framework. We think the MS2KxR plug-in looks gorgeous! There is additional 20€ off from MS2KxR until Feb 1st 2019 so go and get it.

Korg MS2KxR with Black skin

Product updates in the works!

We are working at the moment to deliver next updates for Clavia NL2xR, Waldorf qXr and Waldorf microQxR plug-ins. These plug-ins will have the latest framework technology we have in our plug-ins, like search functions in librarian and GUI resize etc. There has been a lot bugs reported, so we are doing our absolute best to deliver better product version asap.

Upcoming products

Speaking of Waldorf plug-ins, we are also going to provide our classy plug-in for Waldorf Pulse / Pulse+ models later this year (1st generation Pulse models – Pulse 2 plug-in might land later on). There is one other surprise in our sleeves, but we are holding it until the curtain drops down!

As we have announced earlier, Clavia NL3xR plug-in will be finished this year and also a plug-in for Yamaha AN200 and maybe Korg Radias. If we get things done right, we will get plug-ins ready for Yamaha AN1x and Yamaha PLG150-AN as well!

Seraphic Music is going to release a brand new soundset for Waldorf Q-series. It sounds stunning and it is called “Q-Rious Soundset for Waldorf Q“. Even though it says Waldorf Q, you are able to import the soundset with bloX or microQxR plug-ins and enjoy the Q-sounds with your microQ or blofeld hardware. The sounds will not be exactly the same as we know by now, but they are pretty darn close. Check the demo below!

NAMM Show 2019 & Special Deal towards Waldorf plug-ins

NAMM 2019 is here again and we would love to be there too. Unfortunately we are tied up here in the office to develop and improve our products. If you are looking to get Waldorf bloX, qXr or microQxR plug-ins, now is your chance to save 33% on the selected topics. Just add the plug-in to cart and apply coupon ‘ nammshow2019 ‘ in cart page to get 33% off. Why Waldorf plug-ins? Well, our surprise is heavily related to Waldorf, hence the discount.

Thats all for now, we will publish another post soon where our surprise will be revealed so stay tuned ;-)

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Korg microKxR Release v1.0.9 & MS2KxR v1.0.9 now available!

Finally after a long time and endless hours of editing and tweaking the code, we are good to release v1.0.9 or our Korg microKxR editor & librarian plugin. Just before you head to download, we are still missing manual from the release package, but you can figure most out yourself if you know your unit at all.

Basics: CC & NRPN knobs send out data normally from plugin to hardware and vice versa, but when it comes to sysex knobs, data is not being transmitted from the hardware to software at all. Just remember that! And, when moving sysex knobs / menus from the plugin, our plugin will send the whole patch data chunk to hardware, which will cause glitches to the microKorg engine. This is a feature of the synthesizer itself, since while we send a lot of data, the sound engine will “stop” until the data is analyzed.

Right, we hope that you enjoy the latest version and if you find anything odd / suggestions etc, please comment BELOW!

Finally, we added “request from plugin” button to MS2KxR’s librarian, which now makes it possible to fetch plugin data to librarian, or shall we say, save the current patch to librarian file. Korg MS2KxR got updated to version 1.0.9 with this little addition.

Enjoy the Korg’s, at least I do since I very much fell in love with them both while tweaking the knobs & explored the sound engines.



korg microkxr main

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Korg MS2KxR Update v1.0.8 Now available

After long hours watching, studying and hating the Korg MS2000 mega-sysex-chunk (37 000+ bytes) we are pleased to tell that it is finally resolved. Although it took some time, I still learned to love the MS2000 sound even further while working on with this. I will be making a soundset for the MS2000 which will be included in future version of the plugin.

Now you can request entire memory from Korg MS2000 / MS2000R to our librarian and hit save to put it into your HDD!

We updated graphics, functions and memory handling functions with this release. Here is the full list:

  • [Update] Updated graphics for various knobs, switches and layers.
  • [Update] Improved patch list refreshing after discarding or saving patch data.
  • [Update] Changed sysex knobs and switches to NRPN format to prevent peaks in processor usage.
  • [Fixed] Decreased memory load by 1000%.
  • [New] Added settings tab and it’s controls.
  • [New] Added menus for MIDI1 and MIDI2 controllers in settings page.
  • [New] Added velocity curve menu in settings page.
  • [New] Added function that sends global data to hardware when leaving settings page.
  • [New] Added Tempo lock switch to prevent tempo change up on preset change.
  • [New] Added vibrato int knob in main window.
  • [New] Added bend range menu in main window.
  • [New] Added timbre transpose knob in main window.
  • [New] Added timbre tuning knob in main window.
  • [New] When in edit mode, knobs send SysEx commands from hardware to UI and now changes values correspondingly in software UI.
  • [New] Timbre 1 and timbre 2 MIDI channel lock switches added to prevent midi channel changes up on preset load.
  • [New] Load to timbre 1 and load to timbre 2 / load from timbre 1 and load from timbre 2 switches added to librarian page so we can choose which timbre data we send from librarian files to hardware timbres of users choice.
  • [New] Patches can be changed via arrow keys in librarian window while the mouse is over the banks patch names.
  • [New] Storing patch data to HDD is now possible.
  • [New] Reading Korg MS2000 format data added as well as our own bank data.
  • [New] Added save button in librarian to overwrite currently edited bank.
  • [New] Librarian can now receive and map all patch data from hardware to corresponding patch slots.
  • [Coming soon] Ability to write MS2000 memory with patch data chunk from library.
  • [Coming soon] Ability to write current patch from plugin UI to librarian.
  • [Coming soon] User manual.
  • Known issue: Digital Performer hangs while hitting “save as…” on librarian. Workaround: Create copy of your bank you wish to edit with unique name, do the edits and hit save after editing file in librarian is done.

And the new main window:


Download the updater, either 32 or 64 bit version from your account today! :-)

Korg MS2KxR AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian for MAC and Windows

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Korg MS2KxR update v1.0.3 now available

Korg MS2KxR update v1.0.3 is now available.

Here is what we added, fixed and improved:

  • [Fixed] All patches are now scrollable via the librarian (please note that midi channel must match to hear the sound – fix coming up next week)
  • [Fixed] Filter KBD Track didn’t work as expected
  • [Fixed] Filter Velocity didn’t work as expected
  • [Fixed] Amp KBD Track didn’t work as expected
  • [Fixed] Amp Velocity didn’t work as expected
  • [Fixed] Library control from MIDI works as expected
  • [Added] Plugin can now pass DAW MIDI clock messages
  • [Update] Minor update to main graphics to please the eye a bit more
  • [Update] MIDI data handling has been improved and CPU does not peak up on control change / program change

You can download the update from my-account today – Manual writing in process, so please be patient!

MS2KxR product info :

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Korg MS2KxR v1.0.1 Beta Update is available!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Phew, it’s been hectic here in the office for the past months and we are finally coming to a closure for MS2KxR plugin development. Few more niggles on the way with the librarian functions, but it’s almost there :-)

While we were busy updating VirusHC past weeks, here is some feedback we received back regarding to our MS2KxR Plugin:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • Total Recall does not work when you reopen your project.
  • Virtual Patch Destinations were not display properly under certain circumstances.
  • Tempo information is off if tempo is below 128BPM.
  • Timbre 2 sound data is off especially on LFO parameters, Mod Seq and Virtual Patching.
  • Timbre does not change in the plugin UI if Timbre selector is pressed on hardware.
  • Certain parameters crash the plugin and DAW if knob moved from hardware.
  • Certain parameters didn’t send their values from the plugin.
  • License is not valid, plugin displays ‘reload license’.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We are very happy to announce that all these reported issues are fixed and you can try the new version of the plugin beta today! Download plugin demo version here : and if you have made an order, check your download links from “my-account” page.

For those who already purchased their license and you still have issues with the license key, please open a thread at our support forums and we will get back to you.

Until next time, bye! :-)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]