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Access VirusHC Update v1.5.6 Available Now

Finally we made break through with Access VirusHC Update version 1.5.6!

It was long in the makes, but we are very happy with this release. First of all, it should not crash (fingers crossed eh?). Well, we were not able to bring it down any more. Anyway, here is the list of changes:

Version 1.5.6 / 2018-09-15

  • [Fixed] Resolved issue where Pitch, Aftertouch and other controls were not passed through the plug-in.
  • [Improvement] Made some minor core changes to make the MIDI stream work a bit more light weight.

Version 1.5.5 / 2018-09-15

  • [New] Added experimental MIDI clock generator AND advanced MIDI filtering options to VirusHC plug-in. Advanced MIDI settings can be accessed from Multi Mode & Patch Browser tabs. Button appears right above our logo in the bottom right corner.
  • [Fixed] Resolved issue where FX was not recalled properly on pre-TI models after project was opened.
  • [Fixed] Tempo data should now synchronize with Virus on project recall and while initializing plug-in.
  • [Fixed] Resolved issue where DAW would crash when resetting all notes.
  • [Fixed] Adjusted some MIDI out detection booleans to make sure MIDI connection is alive.

Below you can see how the new Advanced MIDI Settings view looks like.

And the location of the Advanced MIDI Settings button (bottom right corner).

Read More about Access VirusHC Editor & Librarian plug-in:

Read More about the Changes in this release version:

Use the forum to report any bugs found! This will be the last major update to the VirusHC until we have our new GUI ready. New GUI is 1500×757 pixels, so if you find anything from this version which would require a fix, please let us know asap :)

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Access VirusHC v1.5.1 Update available

Access VirusHC update v1.5.1 is available now. We added new things, things that were highly requested.

  1. Randomizer – You can now freely randomize any part you wish.
  2. Section Locks – Compine together with Randomizer and you can keep some of the best settings of the randomized or even the current preset. If section locks are toggle on, patches sent from librarian will have your parts locked in place.
  3. Better UI – We made some small adjustment to the user interface. We know there are a lot people asking for a bigger User interface, but at this time and due the last update issues, we were not able to ship it with this release.
  4. MIDI / SysEx state LEDs per part – Now you can see per part which part is receiving data.
  5. Librarian menu improvement – You can now toggle + or – to choose next or previous bank from the dropdown list, without having to open the menu.
  6. Librarian Bank Edit Menu – revised to keep multi data and single data requests on their segments. Multi bank menu actions can be seen when Single Patches / Multi Bank Files button is toggled.
  7. The best is the last one isn’t it? Limit bank view by categories. We made our own way to display all categories in the dropdown menu. Check it out!


  • time-out issues should be resolved. In some cases, even though the cables and midi interface was ok, plug-in indicated that it was not able to make the connection.
  • Semitone should behave as expected when knob is moved from hardware.
  • and some other stuff :)

Using Randomizer and Section Locks together:

[videopress ybSJIIIu]

This short video shows how to use section locks together with randomizer function. Powerful combination and you can use section locks even when you browse presets from librarian or from hardware.

Category Filter in action

[videopress Dw3VGwYA]

You can now limit your bank view by categories. This is highly requested function so we made our own. This is better. Less clicking and selecting option back and forth. Just toggle on the filter and browse banks nicely created by the patch category statuses.

New sleek UI?

This is not yet the 4k-friendly version like we mentioned earlier. We wanted to fix living bugs first and then focus on the user interface when the core is healthy. We sure hope it is now!

Anyway, we added some new elements like part midi / sysex data indicators, took off the removable rack ears and added new button styles and some more. We will start working on the 4k and 5k user interfaces quite soon.

Download update: after you login. :)

Check product details:

Access Virus|HC AudioUnit & VSTi Librarian Editor Plug-in

Thanks for supporting us and reporting any bugs you’ve found. Without your support, this would not be possible :) Have a great winter holidays, we are moving forward to fix more plugins and develop new ones!

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Access VirusHC v1.4.13 Update Available

Access VirusHC, our Access Virus Editor has been updated to version 1.4.13. This is our last update with the small user interface. Next update will be version 2.0.0 if there isn’t any small bugs in this. We did do the debugging on this one with Virus C and Virus TI, with each parameter individually modified and sent to hardware for comparison. Continue reading Access VirusHC v1.4.13 Update Available

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Access Virus|HC Updated to v1.4.5

Access Virus|HC plugin has been updated to version 1.4.5 with several critical fixes:

  • Data was not sent correctly to Virus up on project recall.
  • Arrow keys now work in librarian window to scroll patches.
  • Removed the all annoying “please wait…” window and re-placed it with a new “loading…” overlay that only appears in bottom right corner.
  • IMPORTANT: keep your Virus in MULTI mode while you recall your project. Otherwise the multimode mixer data won’t be understood by the hardware. You can swap between MULTI & MULTISINGLE/SEQ MODE mode if you want to change a different patch from your hardware but must return to MULTI mode later on :-)
  • Core updates.

If you already own a license for VirusHC, you can download the free update from your account.

Demo versions are also updated and downloadable from the Access Virus|HC product page.

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Access Virus|HC update v1.4.3 now available

Access Virus|HC update v1.4.3 is now available. After receiving several bug reports regarding to patch recall, we though to take things further with new update.

Here is what we added, fixed and improved:

  • [Fixed] Plugin sends wrong tempo information up on project recall
  • [Fixed] All patches worked when browsed through librarian, but lost their sound after project recall
  • [Fixed] Control Link between Filter Envelope Velocity depth didn’t work
  • [Fixed] Control Link between Filter Resonance Velocity depth didn’t work
  • [Fixed] Tempo data was recognized only from part 1
  • [Update] MIDI data handling has been improved and CPU does not peak up on control change / program change
  • [Update] Manual has been “re-written” and added a lot more details to non-Virus parameters of the plugin

You can download the update from my-account today!

VirusHC product info :

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Access Virus|HC updated to version 1.4.1


Few days back, we announced Virus|HC v1.4.0 with major update towards TI users. However, there was one major bug that was found by our favorite beta-tester and we are pleased to announce that this issue has been fixed in v1.4.1.

The issue was in simple: TI users with legacy patches loaded in their project, faced an issue while recalling the project and IF any of those patches had arpeggiator switched on it was set to off.

You can download the update from my-account today!

VirusHC tutorial videos :

VirusHC manual:

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Access Virus|HC v1.4.0 update is available now!


Virus TI users will be able to enjoy v1.4.0 advantages today: User Arp Editor is here and it looks great! Download the demo and give it a go! Check the list below for more details about latest additions.

  • [New] User Arp Editor is available for Virus TI and Virus TI Snow users.
  • [Fixed] Modulation and pitch bender did not pass through the plugin.
  • [Update] Fixed a lot librarian related issues (too many to mention here, but everything should work now).
  • [Update-AU] Automation can be recorded while moving knobs from the hardware (VST fix coming soon).
  • [Update-ALL] Automation can be recorded while moving knobs from the software (All formants).
  • [Warning] This update is not backward compatible with the previous version!

As usual, updates can be downloaded from AND if you experience any issues, click here.

View Access Virus|HC product details and download the latest demo for Mac and Windows compatible operating systems.


VirusHC v1.4.0 – User Arp Pattern Editor

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Access Virus|HC v1.3.6 Update is out now!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Perhaps the greatest yet update is here: Store single patches from current part to Librarian? YES. Now it is a lot easier and more fun to create your own custom banks from the patches you create yourself. This update also addresses several other bugs, functions and such. See list below :-)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • [New] Added option to save single patches from plugin part to librarian.
  • [Fixed] Arp was set to off on VirusTI under certain circumstances.
  • [Update] Outgoing SysEx chunk changed up on plugin load. Data now matches the model selected on “multi settings” tab.
  • [Update] Depth & contrast added to the “selected model” color.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue, where banks were not readable by the plugin if hardware Device ID was bigger than 0.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue, where plugin graphics didn’t update according to hardware data under certain circumstances.
  • [Update] Host tempo sync adjustments.
  • [New] Local off message is sent to hardware up on plugin initialization & up on project recall.
  • [New] Updated Windows virtual MIDI driver.
  • [Update] VirusTI can be used via USB on MAC, but only for MIDI and SysEx streams. Windows not tested.
  • [Fixed] When FM Amount was moved from the hardware, the whole daw crashed.
  • [Fixed] Requesting and sending data works as expected.
  • [Fixed] Delay modes were not displayed properly in TI-series viruses.
  • [Fixed] Part volume sliders work as expected.
  • [Fixed] Librarian now works in Windows platforms as it should. No more empty slots after saving your favorite bank / requested bank.
  • [New] Added RAM A-D and Rom A-Z slots to librarian page for TI models.
  • [Update] Improved the whole patch receiving scenario to make it faster and smoother.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]As usual, updates can be downloaded from AND product support can be found in which works with your store login credentials![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

View Access Virus|HC product details and download the latest demo for Mac and Windows compatible operating systems.


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Access Virus|HC v1.1.6 Update out now!

Virus|HC AU / VSTi plug-in update v1.1.6

This new update is a major release, which you should download and update as soon as possible! Currently reported issues fixed :-) (at least in our test systems).

Whats new?

Additions and fixes since v1.1.0

  • [Fixed] Renamed envelope names for Virus TI. Amplifier renamed to Filter in dropdown menu.
  • [Fixed] Updated outgoing multi data which didn’t match the data set on plugin user interface. This caused parts being set to muted on project reload.
  • [Fixed] Resolved a problem where sound was altered up on project reload.
  • [Fixed] Resolved a problem where sysex checksum was miscalculated on models prior to TI.
  • [Fixed] If patches are changed from hardware, patch data will be updated to the plugin user interface as well.
  • [Fixed] Revised the way how incoming sysex data was checked. This update has a huge impact in cases where patch data was missing on whole bank request.
  • [Fixed] Updated Filter Cutoff 1 and Filter Cutoff 2 link behavior. If link is on, Filter Cutoff 2 now behaves as offset just like in hardware.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where multi name was not saved as supposed to.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where patch bank names were not updated if empty slots were located inside the midi file. Empty slots are now empty within the librarian as well.
  • [New] Added function to read midi and sysex files from subfolders.
  • [New] Automation parameter names are updated. Layer renamed to part and every part has a identifier to indicate which part parameter is used. For example: [1] Filter 1 Cutoff 1.
  • [Fixed] Filter and Vocoder parameter link options updated.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where vocoder parameters didn’t work as expected.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where envelope velocity and resonance velocity sensitivity knobs didn’t work as expected.
  • [Note] Removed effect mix knob from delay section, because the knob was actually used for phaser mix.
  • [New] Link functions between knobs completely rewritten.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where plugin would crash if patch file name is longer than 32 characters.

Virus|HC product page

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Access Virus|HC v1.1.0 Update out now!


Virus|HC AU / VSTi plug-in update v1.1.0
Fully integrated!

Since December 2014, we have come a long way with our Virus|HC plugin and its updates. This new update is a major release, which you should download and update as soon as possible!

Whats new?

Well the biggest addition could be that we added “VirusTI” functions to our plugin. Saying that, VirusTI user arp editor can’t be added, because it is impossible for us to debug the USB data flow.

If someone knows how we / or someone else could investigate USB cable data flow between the Virus and computer, let us know!

Additions and fixes since v1.0.6

  • [New] Manual has been completely re-written and it can be view from either product page, plug-in updates page or you can find it from your HDD where you installed it.
  • [New] Modulation Matrix and LFO slots updated if model selection is VirusTI.
  • [New] Rest of the known VirusTI controls added and data being parsed to the UI when changing patches.
  • [New] Value display now shows knob, menu, button “value” in screen based on the controller AND current #cc value inside -characters.
  • [Fixed] Filter link switch didn’t work as supposed under certain Virus models.
  • [Fixed] Patch names can be only 10 characters long in the displays.
  • [Fixed] Removed “Select MIDI Ports” notification popup due to the fact that it was annoying
  • [Fixed] Under some conditions, processing data window did not appear.
  • [Fixed] Reduced graphics cpu load.
  • [Fixed] Incoming multi data was skipped after parts data was processed prior to last update.
  • [New] Updated librarian graphics to meet the patch numbering from hardware. Now counts from 0 to 127.
  • [New] Added Virus|TI Oscillators 1 & 2 with their knobs, menus etc.
  • [New] Added Virus|TI Reverb functions to the plugin.
  • [New] Graphics updated to included buttons, menus and switches for new features.
  • [New] Added Virus|TI Mod Matrix destinations for all slots that were missing.
  • [New] Added Virus|TI Envelope 3 & Envelope 4 knobs to the user interface. They can be viewed by selecting different envelope from menu.
  • [Fixed] Improved incoming MIDI data transmission over the plugin to the hardware.
  • [Fixed] Some controls (amp release, lfo1 rate, lfo2 rate) didn’t respond to incoming midi messages.
  • [Fixed] Delay / Reverb settings and knobs didn’t work as supposed, when adjusting knob from hardware.
  • [Fixed] When Lfo 1 osc 1 & 2 link was on, link didn’t work when osc 2 knob was moved.
  • [Fixed] When Lfo 2 filter 1 & 2 link was on, link didn’t work when filter 2 knob was moved.
  • [Fixed] Oscillator 1 & 2 Semitone values displayed wrong value on plugin interface when knob was moved from hardware.
  • [New] Override Patch Tempo button in settings #2 tab now fetches tempo information from your host and overrides the current tempo of the hardware. If tempo is changed after setting MIDI I/O from the plugin, original tempo data is intact. Reload either MIDI in or MIDI out port from plugin interface to update Virus tempo info.
  • [New] User can now scroll thru hardware memory per part from the previous / next buttons. Current bank selection from plugin selects same bank from hardware. User can also scroll thru the library when “control library from midi / hw” is enabled as announced in v1.0.5 update.
  • [Note] In Apple Logic, program change commands that come in from channel 1 won’t be sent towards any plugins. This means that you have to use your master keyboard on a different channel in order to manage librarian / hardware memory with it

Virus|HC product page