Coming soon: Clavia Nord Lead 1 / 2 / 2X Editor & Librarian

While we are working with our other plugin developments, we wanted to let you know that we are working on this new plugin for Clavia Nord Lead 1,2 & 2X -series. Utilizing the same features as our other plugins, this is going to be a great one, since in Nord you have to remember all the slots where you saved your previous work – No naming patches / performances, but this is about to change.

With our new Clavia NL2xR Editor & Librarian Plugin, you will be able to send patches to each of the slots individually, meaning you can now fasten up your workflow with sequencers and DAWs like any other software synth. We personally own Nord Rack 2 to build the plugin and it’s functions, but if there is anyone with Nord Lead / Rack 1 and Nord Lead / Rack 2X, please step forward and give us a shout!

We are also in progress of investigating possibility to implement DiscoDSP’s Discovery patch data into our plugin, meaning, if you are in the road / plane and you work with Discovery to make the tracks and you want to polish them off in studio with NL2xR, you could import the Discovery data right into our plugin.

Another Clavia Editor will be announced soon along with Novation Editor, so stay tuned!nl2xr-librarianClavia NL2xR is available for Pre-order

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