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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

End of the year Sale


End of the year Sale

by | Dec 13, 2019 | News


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Hey folks!

Since we haven’t been updating our blog lately, I would like to take some time to write down why. We had to move our apartment, then I had to build a new studio and move my gear in it. Now that studio has been finished and I was able to work in quiet environment, our website went haywire and I’ve been fixing it ever since.

Now that the site is up and running again (except for some minor product details missing on soundsets) I feel that I can announce our annual sale. 🎉

You can use coupon ” endof19 ” in cart page or at checkout page to get 50% off from your purchase. Don’t forget to try out plug-ins first 👍🏻

After the big update process of our store, lets talk about our Plug-in bundles. From now on you are able to start monthly subscription on our plug-in bundles. In fact, starting 2020, plugin bundles will be available for subscription only.

Subscriptions are starting at 4.95€ + VAT if apply / month
or 49.95€ + VAT if apply / year (two months off!).

I know there are plenty of people who don’t like this idea, but, there are a lot countries where our plug-in prices equal to one month salary. For some of us its just a polite way of saying thanks for the development.

Latest news regarding to Waldorf Kyra Editor: We are still working on it. But like I mentioned in the first paragraph, it has been absolutely mental during the past 10 months. We are looking forward to publish lite version soon, which is stripped down version of the PRO edition following up later on. What are the PRO / Lite differences? We shall see 🧐

I would love to publish out some Kyra Editor graphics, but I will save them for later 😁

Ending the year with our annual sale has been a long term thing now. We hope you find it good and we hope you’ll have great holidays where ever you are. Thanks for the support towards our products, thanks for the awesome reviews, thanks for the feedback regarding our products and thanks for the new feature / improvement suggestions. We will make 2020 better – that is a promise!

Subscribe to our newsletter below and don’t forget to follow us in Social Media platforms. Oh and, share the news! – all products -50% until the top bar countdown stops – coupon above! – Learn more about plug-in bundle pricing options!

See you soon!


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