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    Dear Jani,

    I had noticed this abnormal behaviour in the current NL2xR version.  Is this something I can fix it via some settings or can this be solved in the next update?


    NL2xR GUI jumps to next layer when these buttons are pressed / knob turned :

    CC24 hold
    CC24 Arp Dest
    CC34 kbd track osc2
    CC45 Velocity
    CC80 dist
    CC65 Auto Portamento
    CC15 Unison

    CC78knob Semitones

    NL2xR GUI does not respond to these buttons on Nord hardware; only CC value reader in the LCD reacts to these button presses:

    CC20 LFO1 wavfm
    CC21 LFO1 Dest
    CC28 Mod Dest
    CC30 OSC1 wavfm
    CC35 Ring/sync
    CC46 kbd track flt
    CC44 flt type

    These Buttons have Normal Response in NL2xR :
    CC31 OSC2 wavfm
    CC18 modwh dest
    CC15 Poly/mono


    Tiny Feature Request :

    If possible, I’d love Mystery Islands editor to have the ability to display all current values, without having to move each and every knob in order for them to appear in the LCD box one-by-one.

    For example, we could :
    Click knob once to display current CC value in LCD; so knob does not have to be turned and value changed.


    Select a button on the left (like Vel/Mrp), so an extra layer of information will appear on the front panel to display all current CC values – either as translucent overlays or have extra boxes located right below every knob/buttons.
    (like in Reaktor)

    Thank you so much for making all the improvements over the years, I’m very happy to see all the development you have achieved so far and grateful that we are bound to enjoy all future updates!


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