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    Our company & plug-in has nothing to do with Korg Inc, so please don’t bug them if you encounter issues with the plug-in.

    Support and plugin updates are free for life to anyone who has bought the license from our store.

    Future Plans:

    • Ability to import single patch files to librarian.
    • Ability to import microKorg editor data to librarian.
    • Ability to write entire bank to hardware with Korg standards.
    • Create own custom bank format which is built from Single timbre data.

    Korg MS2KxR AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian Plug-in


    Download update

    Version 2.0.0 beta / 2019-01-24

    [IMPORTANT] This update is not backward compatible below version 2.0.0!

    * [New] New GUI look. User can choose between normal skin or black skin. Plug-in re-initialization required in order to see changes.
    * [New] Resizeable GUI. User can choose between normal, 75% or 125% scaling for the Plug-in GUI. Plug-in re-initialization required in order to see changes.
    * [New] Randomizer. Yes – user can now randomize programs. Randomizer button is below the main screen. If section locks are active, those parts of the sound are not randomized.
    * [New] Multi level folder support for patches.
    * [New] Advanced MIDI filters included. This can be accessed from Global Settings -> Advanced MIDI Settings under the plug-in display.
    * [New] User preset data and license.key should be now placed to Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Korg MS2KxR Editor/ folder.
    * [New] Whole plug-in framework redesigned from ground up. Please report any bugs or malfunctions to our forums - Thank you!

    Version 1.0.9 / 2016-04-23

    * [Fixed] Sometimes wrong layers were displayed after recalling a project.
    * [New] Request current patch data from plugin UI to librarian.

    Version 1.0.8 / 2016-04-19

    * [Update] Updated graphics for various knobs, switches and layers.
    * [Update] Improved patch list refreshing after discarding or saving patch data.
    * [Update] Changed sysex knobs and switches to NRPN format to prevent peaks in processor usage.
    * [Fixed] Decreased memory load by 1000%.
    * [New] Added settings tab and it’s controls.
    * [New] Added menus for MIDI1 and MIDI2 controllers in settings page.
    * [New] Added velocity curve menu in settings page.
    * [New] Added function that sends global data to hardware when leaving settings page.
    * [New] Added Tempo lock switch to prevent tempo change up on preset change.
    * [New] Added vibrato int knob in main window.
    * [New] Added bend range menu in main window.
    * [New] Added timbre transpose knob in main window.
    * [New] Added timbre tuning knob in main window.
    * [New] When in edit mode, knobs send SysEx commands from hardware to UI and now changes values correspondingly in software UI.
    * [New] Timbre 1 and timbre 2 MIDI channel lock switches added to prevent midi channel changes up on preset load.
    * [New] Load to timbre 1 and load to timbre 2 / load from timbre 1 and load from timbre 2 switches added to librarian page so we can choose which timbre data we send from librarian files to hardware timbres of users choice.
    * [New] Patches can be changed via arrow keys in librarian window while the mouse is over the banks patch names.
    * [New] Storing patch data to HDD is now possible.
    * [New] Reading Korg MS2000 format data added as well as our own bank data.
    * [New] Added save button in librarian to overwrite currently edited bank.
    * [New] Librarian can now receive and map all patch data from hardware to corresponding patch slots.

    Version 1.0.3 / 2016-02-27

    * [Fixed] All patches are now scrollable via the librarian (please note that midi channel must match to hear the sound – fix coming up next week).
    * [Fixed] Filter KBD Track didn’t work as expected.
    * [Fixed] Filter Velocity didn’t work as expected.
    * [Fixed] Amp KBD Track didn’t work as expected.
    * [Fixed] Amp Velocity didn’t work as expected.
    * [Fixed] Library control from MIDI works as expected.
    * [Added] Plugin can now pass DAW MIDI clock messages.
    * [Update] Minor update to main graphics to please the eye a bit more.
    * [Update] MIDI data handling has been improved and CPU does not peak up on control change / program change.

    Put your setup details in the signature to help us understand your setup, thank you!

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