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    I have a problem with my  Blox: I can manage the midi cc and patchbanks in Cubase or NI Maschine but there are no midi notes messages coming through the editor. So there is no Sound! When connecting without the Blox editor from DAW directly to Blofeld all works great.

    I tried different setting (Direct to hardware, different buffer sizes etc. but with no luck.

    All my other MI editors which are connect with Midi working fine (JP8080,Waldorf Q, Supernova….)!

    I am on Cubase 9 on Win10 (Blofeld Desktop v1.25 is connected  via USB directly to PC)

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    That sounds a bit strange. I’m using bloX daily on my productions and it routes midi just fine in Logic. I will check this out and have it fixed if there is a bug in the code.

    Put your setup details in the signature so we check your system specs faster and answer your questions without any additional questions - thank you!

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      Hey Jani,

      you not need to fix anything: It was my mistake. I didn’t set the Global MIDI Channel to 16!

      Now blox is working fine! Thanks for your good work!!!

      Now I am waiting for an editor from you for my Prophecy….:)

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