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    I posted this in the wrong section, here is the right place :)

    I tried to set up the MS-2000 editor in Reaper x64 on windows7. It took a few attemps to get it registered but it works now.

    Because I disabled the midi ports in Reaper, I cannot make a track and load the MS-2000 midi out as an input on my track.

    Is it correct that I need to install 2 other programs to get this working? Midi-ox and a virtual midi cable? And that both of them need to run all the time while producing? I tried this out and it seems to give some latency at my end.

    I have a midi merger with 4 midi ins and 2 midi outs. Is it an option to connect the midi out of the synth to the midi in of the merger and connect 1 midi out of the merger to port IN1 from a midi interface and the second merger output to port IN2 of the interface . So I can skip those programs?

    Couldn’t find a manual either. I can’t get my head around the librarian. I just don’t get how it works. Why there are 2 different windows and stuff. Is there an explanation somewhere? I have a lot of MS-2000 presets, digitally stored on PC. Would like to load those in the plugin, play them and make my own bank and send that to the synth. Can someone help me there?

    Thanks in advance,


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