Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Refunds?
Since we deliver digital download product with lifetime license, refunds are only given at the discretion of the management. You should download the DEMO first to give it a go and read our guides through properly.
Does this plug-in generate sound?
Not at the moment. You can only control the real synthesizer with our plug-in.
In future, there might be PRO upgrades available, which will eliminate the need of the hardware completely and our plug-in works as a regular VSTi / AudioUnit / AAX instrument plug-in.
What are the plug-in requirements?
You need the real hardware synthesizer which the editor is made for. If PRO upgrade is available, hardware is not required. List for requirements:
* You need the real hardware synth, which the editor is made for.
* 32/64-bit AudioUnit / VST host for Mac or PC.
* MIDI interface. A good one which supports SysEx messages. Don’t buy anything which is less than 50€.
* Direct MIDI in / out connection between your synth and the MIDI interface. No MIDI Thru connections or MIDI in only / MIDI out only connections.
* Audio cables from the synth to soundcard or mixer in order to hear the sound.
* At least 1600×1024 pixels resolution.
Why my DAW crashes when I set MIDI in / out from the plug-in?
Be sure to follow our User Guides to setup your DAW environment properly before using our plug-ins.
Which functions are not available in the DEMO version?
1. User can not save requested data from synthesizer to HDD.
2. User can not store patches from librarian to synthesizer.
3. Total Recall is disabled. This means, your last used plug-in settings will not be sent to your synthesizer up on loading the project.
4. Plug-in parameters are not visible for DAW to automate.
5. Demo version can not be registered.
Can I transfer my license to someone else or include it when I sell the synth?
No. Once you purchase the license for the plug-in, you are solely entitled to lifetime support for the plug-in. It does not make sense to us, that once you sell the license, we would have to start supporting a new “client”.
Can I use my license on multiple computers?
Yes as long as the computer is yours. If we get support requests made with your license, by someone else than you, your license will be deleted.
Do I need a internet connection to activate the plug-in?
No, you can purchase the plug-in license from our store and download the license.key and full installers and bring them to your offline computer for setup.
I just purchased the plug-in, where can I download the license?
Click My Account and navigate to Orders tab. Once you are there, click on the order which contains the license for our plug-in and download from there.
How do I add the license.key for the plug-in to register?
UPDATE 2020-April-03

license.key needs to be located in:

[ WINDOWS ] \”login username”\Documents\Mystery Islands Music\”plug-in name”\
[ macOS * ] /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/”plug-in name”/

…in order to register. Reload your project or plug-in instance in order to validate.

Access VirusHC still needs to locate the license.key in /”login username”/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/”plug-in name”/ until macOS Catalina supported release is ready!

Why plug-in says reload license after copying license to right folder?
Plug-in has failed to locate the proper file or the license check failed. Make sure the license is called “license.key” in the plug-in folder and not “license.key.txt”. If you see .txt appended, rename the file to “license.key” and try to validate again.
Where is the plug-in User Manual located?

UPDATE 2020-April-03

Plug-ins which include User Manual in PDF format to date:
Roland JP-80×0 – Waldorf Pulse2X

You can also view User Manual in online format at User Guides section.

While we are working to write User Manuals for all of our products, you can find all the details for setting up the plug-in and synthesizer from the User Guides & Knowledge Base.

You can also find our YouTube playlist for Access VirusHC plug-in, which covers most of the DAWs in Mac and PC environment.

Why plug-in displays DEMO version after purchasing the license?
You need to download and install FULL version of the plug-in in order to register it. Check next question for instructions.
Where can I find the FULL version installer?

Click Downloads or the product Downloads tab after purchase. Your FULL version installers should appear there.

Do I need to remove the DEMO before installing FULL version?
No. FULL installer will overwrite the DEMO version from your harddrive.
If I place pre-order for upcoming plug-in product, will I have access to beta version?
Yes. We will provide beta version of your product as soon as possible.
Is the pre-order charged upfront or at release date?
Pre-orders are charged immediately. This is a great opportunity for you to save some cash before any sales take place and you will get early access to the plug-in.

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