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Korg MS2000 Resurrection Soundset is out!


Korg MS2000 Resurrection Soundset is out!

by | Jun 21, 2016 | News, soundsets


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Korg MS2000 Resurrection soundset by Seraphic Music is out now! Seraphic Music, a.k.a Kalle Windefalk, second half of the legendary “Witness of Wonder” has created awesome, unique soundsets for synths such Novation Supernova, Clavia Nord Lead / Rack 3 and many others.

Their latest creation “Resurrection” for Korg MS2000 and Korg microKorg takes the game to another level. We think it’s quite safe to say that this is the first decent soundset ever made for the Korg MS/mK series. Our very own Korg MS2KxR Editor & Librarian plugin was used to create this soundset. :-)

Now when we mention it, we are also very happy to announce that Korg MS2KxR and Korg microKxR editor & librarian plugins will be updated soon with a new features such as:

  • New dropdown menu in librarian to handle the librarian tasks.
  • Patch rename directly within the librarian view.
  • Ability to import SysEx & Standard MIDI files to librarian.
  • Overall bug fixes.

It is time to wake the beast and get inspired again with our Korg. Have a listen to the soundset demo here : Korg MS2000 Resurrection Soundset – soundcloud and youtube urls provided.

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