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Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge pres. Chapter G8 – Final Destination


Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge pres. Chapter G8 – Final Destination

by | Oct 13, 2008 | Releases


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Track title: Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge pres. Chapter G8 – Final Destination (Original Mix)
Original mix written and produced by Stefan Cambridge & Jani Kervinen
Label: Alter Ego Records
Release date: 13.10.2008

Hot on the heels of recent success with ‘Time For Commitment’ earlier in the year, Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge return to Alter Ego with this stunning follow up ‘Final Destination’. Fans of Chapter G8 will not be disappointed as this new offering stays true to their original sound. Final Destination is packed with energy, beautiful riffs and melodies all coupled with that crisp and punchy production. The main break sweeps through nicely, building with an ultra fresh main riff and perfectly executed bass line. This release is a massive dance floor groover, there’s no doubt.

Stepping up to the frame on this release is talented UK artist Luke Terry. This time he is working with NumberNin6 to deliver a new electro etched remix. A huge bass line dominates the mix as it buzzes its way through the build up, demanding any listener get up and move their feet. It stays true to the original with the funky vocal samples, main riff & chords but an all new lead sound complements the ultra modern bass groove perfectly.

Third in line on this package is Alter Ego regulars Fast Distance. They’ve delivered a full on uplifting trance version that in many ways is quite similar to the original but acts as a great alternative for those seeking a brighter sounding track. As usual from the Belgium duo this is peak time goodness working amazingly well.

Adding the last track to the Final Destination release is Finnish producer Thomas Feijk. This mix gives the package a welcomed slower flavour. Feijk’s chilled approach works great and the introduction of the piano in the break adds an aura of class to the release. This is a good solid proggy remix of this high impact driving release.

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