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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

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Access Virus Revealed Soundset volume 1

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 19.95 + VAT if apply

The Virus has landed! While I was creating these Virus sounds, I had an vision of using as many parts of Virus as possible. So I came up with this monstrous 128-preset bank that will definitely blow-up your mind and gets you inspired of writing quality music!

This package is included with our Virus|HC Librarian Editor plug-in for MAC and PC.

Product Description

Ready for the revolution? Including a speaker rattling 128 electronic presets this is one of the slickest Access Virus soundsets we’ve heard! Designed on the latest TI version, this bank will work with all previous versions too. Sound designer Jani Kervinen had a totally new approach when designing these presets: “You should be able to build a track with your TI, without losing all your polyphony”. Now it’s true! There’s a ton of banks out there, but lets face it: only a few sounds are going to make it into your tracks! This bank is chocked full of useable sounds!

The bank contains basses, acid sounds, leads, pads and plucks to cover all your production needs. They’ll even sound great in your Virus B, C, Powercore and TDM models, since the sounds have been optimized with zero EQ. The Virus TI optimized set has EQ and double FX.


128 patches suitable for any kind of electronic dance music creations.

Loads of plucks, basses, leads and pads to get you with the latest sounds and if not the latest, the working ones! You judge the set depending on the soundset demo patches and mp3 demo, I think, this is the best Access Virus Soundset out there!

Requirements (one of the following models):

  •  Access Virus B, KB, Rack, Indigo
  • Access Virus C, KC, Rack XL, Indigo2
  • Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar (series 1 & 2)
  • Digidesign Virus TDM Indigo
  • TC Electronic Virus Powercore

33 different sounds used in the demo.
Effects used : NONE !! (except the ones in Virus itself)

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