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Access Virus Revealed Soundset volume 2

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A long waited volume is finally here and the sounds are massive. All of the 128 patches are again backwards compatible from Access Virus B all the way up to TI-range as well as PowerCore and TDM users. The minimal usage of Unison-voices guarantees that you’ll have the most out from your Virus, instead of loosing polyphony with non-sense effects / oscillators.

Access Virus Revealed Soundset vol.2 Demo v
Latest update: v at 07/09/2014 | Size: 3.22 KB | Total downloads: 290

Access Virus Revealed Soundset vol.2 Demo

Access Virus Revealed Soundset vol.2 TDM Demo v
Latest update: v at 07/09/2014 | Size: 7.07 KB | Total downloads: 170

Access Virus Revealed Soundset vol.2 TDM Demo
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Product Description

128 fresh patches for Access Virus -series to use any kind of electronic dance music creations. The package is created with Access Virus Powercore, so it’s guaranteed to work on the selected models:

– Access Virus B, KB, Rack, Indigo
– Access Virus C, KC, Rack XL, Indigo2
– Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar (series 1 & 2)
– Digidesign Virus TDM Indigo
– TC Electronic Virus Powercore

Many re-creations of Armada, Anjunabeats, Enhanced and many other labels artists sounds. This is a great addition to the volume 1, which has gained a lot of fame in the scene and I’ve received a lot emails saying: “This set awesome, and for the first time I can use most of my virus parts in the projects I’m working on”.

There are examples of electro, trance and other edm-scene sounds in the demo, have a listen thru it!
Loads of different sounds used in the demo. Sidechain effect used for some pads and basses. No EQ’s used. Every reverb, delay, chorus, phaser and distortions are from Virus itself.

MP3 demo

MP3 demo





Remember to back-up your hardware data before applying the MIDI or SYSEX demo bank!!

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