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Luke Terry Neon Access Virus Soundset

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Luke Terry Neon for Access Virus synthesizers has arrived! Luke Terry shows us all, what those purple lights & smokey clubs we all about. Have a listen on the demos!

Luke Terry Neon brings us back to the 80’s. Check out what Luke has to say about the package and grab it today!

This bank is compatible with all Virus models from Virus Hardware to Virus PowerCore and Virus TI.

Hear the demo below, while you read what Luke says himself:
It is with great pleasure that I can share with you a third soundset for the Acess Virus synthesiser series! Going a bit left-field from the Hyperboreal and Auroron soundsets that have worked their way out of my studio, Neon is aimed squarely at the synthwave / retrowave sound.

Neon is all about the purple big neon city, sunset strip, top down pseudo-80s synthesiser goodness. It’s no secret that I am a massive 80s fan, mainly because I was born right in the middle of the decade. To be honest I wish I had found the new age synthwave genre a lot earlier than I did!

The bank has everything to get you going; basses, leads, pads and plucky keys. They are quite wide ranging in their style and will pop into your track with minimal processing. Equally, a lot of the sounds will go beyond the genre and would sit lovely in a house, dance or trance track.

The Virus was born for this genre! It makes such lush sounds and fills the space like no other synth with its characteristic warmth and buzziness. As always, the soundbank has been designed on the Access Virus KC model and should import perfectly into any C / TI range.
There may be some loss of function on the older A / B / Classic synths.

Requirements (one of the following models):

  •  Access Virus B, KB, Rack, Indigo
  • Access Virus C, KC, Rack XL, Indigo2
  • Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar (series 1 & 2)
  • TC Electronic Virus Powercore

The soundbank has been brought to life on the Mystery Islands Virus|HC Access Virus VST Editor. Simply import the .syx into the VST after hooking it up to your synth and enjoy!

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