M.I.K.E. Push presents JP-80x0 Universal Nation vol.1

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Compatible with: Roland JP-8000 and JP-8080
Designed by: M.I.K.E. Push

Trance legend M.I.K.E. Push releases his JP-80×0 Universal Nation vol.1 soundset for Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 users. Authentic presets from many classics to-date.

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We are proud to unleash M.I.K.E. Push presents JP-80×0 Universal Nation vol.1 for Roland JP-8000 and Roland JP-8080 users. This might be the first time in history, when a true trance legend releases his very own, authentic, well known precious sounds. M.I.K.E. has put together 64 pristine patches, including sounds from many classic tunes released under: ”Plastic Boy”, ”Solar Factor”, ”Push” and many more.

These patches has The Sound many others has tried to replicate. Now is your chance to get these presets, get inspired and create new awesome trance / techno and other EDM genre tunes. Listen to the demo M.I.K.E. has put together and prepare your studio for the next big session! Including patches from categories such Leads, Pads, Basses, Plucks, this is the must have package for every Electronic Dance Music producer.


  • Roland JP-8000 or Roland JP-8080


  • 64 Patches – This will overwrite the User Patches Bank A

If you add this soundset + our Roland JP-80×0 AudioUnit / VST Editor & Librarian Plug-in to your cart, you will get 25% discount on our plugin with this coupon code: ” jp80x0-mpun25 ” !

Demo Info:

Some presets contain external reverb from Yamaha 02R – Delay from Roland JP-8080. Fx sounds from Roland JP-8080 & Drums from sample collection.

JP-80x0 Universal Nation vol.1 Patchlist

U:A11 Anahera
U:A12 Beautifull Lead
U:A13 Palamos Perc
U:A14 HiddenSunOfVenus
U:A15 Swirl Bliss
U:A16 Orchest Drum
U:A17 Be As One Pad
U:A18 Bass Funky Pls
U:A21 Amphetamine
U:A22 Memory Moog
U:A23 Reverse Techno
U:A24 Take One
U:A25 Atari Boy
U:A26 Crossing Lead
U:A27 A.R.P. Of Trance
U:A28 Bass-Dome

U:A31 M.I.K.E. Trance
U:A32 SpaceCraft
U:A33 Marcel Woods
U:A34 Sander Van Doorn
U:A35 Now And Forever
U:A36 DreamOdyssey Pad
U:A37 Energizer
U:A38 Timezone
U:A41 Tribal Bass
U:A42 Running Man
U:A43 ApocalypseNation
U:A44 Mono Sub
U:A45 Love Me Too
U:A46 Pulsating RHYTHM
U:A47 Gotica Waves
U:A48 Blackmaster

U:A51 Morphosis
U:A52 Coldharbour Bass
U:A53 Square Nation
U:A54 Drama Strings
U:A55 Rise Up
U:A56 To 3 Or Not To 3
U:A57 LEAD The Way
U:A58 I SAW You
U:A61 Roller Ball
U:A62 Pryda
U:A63 Dream Your Dream
U:A64 SeaGull
U:A65 Effectual
U:A66 Mod-My-Wheel
U:A67 Progressive Bell
U:A68 2000 And Chord

U:A71 Trigger Wave
U:A72 Piccotto Bass
U:A73 Inspire Mozart
U:A74 Silver Bath
U:A75 Plastic Bass
U:A76 Dark Sweeper
U:A77 Slip & Slide
U:A78 Amityville
U:A81 Bass Funky Saw
U:A82 X-MODMemoryMoog
U:A83 Techno Arp
U:A84 Pad In The Take1
U:A85 A.R.P. Of Tranc2
U:A86 Rise or Fall
U:A87 OdysseyPad Fall
U:A88 I SawU Supporter

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