Roland JP-80x0 JP-NOVA by Novaline

Compatible with: Roland JP-8000 and JP-8080
Designed by: Novaline Music

Introducing Novaline´s first soundset for Roland JP-8000 & JP-8080 Synthesizer with 128 creative, beautiful and inspiring presets. Check out the demo and grab it!

 19.95 + VAT if apply

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JP-NOVA Soundset contains 128 presets with 32 Leads, 16 Plucks, 16 Basses, 16 FM Sounds, 16 Pads, 16 FX & 16 SP Sounds. My own made section called SP that stands for "Specials".

All presets made from scratch with nice finishing touch.

Video demos can be found on my Instagram.

If you are a fanatic of ARPS then i recommend you to try my leads, plucks and special sounds with ARP. Add some reverb or perhaps a nice analog or digital delay and you will hear something beyond your imagination.

All Patches are created manually with Roland JP-8000 and with the Roland JP-80x0 AudioUnit & VST Editor.

I hope you all JP-8000/ JP-8080 owners enjoy this soundset. Feedback is always appreciated!

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