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Novaline Roland System-8 Sunburst Soundset

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Roland System-8 – Sunburst Soundset by Novaline is a creative soundset with 64 different patches designed to your System-8 and System-8 Plugin.

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Roland System-8 Sunburst Soundset by Novaline Music

This Roland System-8 soundset is a soundset that contains alot beautiful and massive sounds for any EDM production & any other genre you wish to use it for.
This is Novaline´s second soundset for the System-8 after his first Official Soundset that he created for ROLAND themselves that was released on Rolands content site ,the Aira Microsite.
The Sunburst soundset contains 64 patches with different plucks, leads & some very atmospheric pads that novaline worked on for YOUR productions that you will be able to use for sure.
The reason of the limited categories of this set is because novaline wants to prove its true potential for ambient and melancholic sound design, that is not only a fat bass machine, but also capable of alot more.


In this 6 minute demo you hear 20 different sounds of the 64 patches with lots of different melodies, including one song from the successful video game , Nier Automata to prove one of its powers.
To be able to use the soundset, you must install rolands latest firmware 1.30.

The sunburst soundset uses system-8´s ordinary filter as well as the new Jupiter-8 & Juno-106 filter and its new Fm waveforms from rolands latest firmware.
Only internal effects are used and some light EQ.

Check out the demo & get your copy if you like it.

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