Roland Aira System-1 Nova One Soundset by Novaline

Compatible with: Roland System-1, System-1M and System-1 VST.
Designed by: Novaline Music


Roland System-1 – Nova One Soundset is a creative soundset with 64 different patches designed to your system-1 and System-1M.

 14.95 + VAT if apply

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Roland System-1 - Nova One Soundset is a new and creative soundset with 64 different patches designed to your system-1 and System-1M.
It has all from Leads, Plucks, Bass, Pads & FM sounds. All these categories have been used on the demo track with 12 presets that you can listen to.

There are lots of creative and nice sounding sounds for this little synth, but this soundset is on a completely new level!
This soundset is the proof that the System-1 is capable of doing some serious sounds for your EDM productions.

Roland System-1 - Nova One contains 64 patches in 5 different categories.
This soundset can be used for the SYSTEM-1 & SYSTEM-1M hardware and the VST as well.

Light EQ and sidechain is used on the SYSTEM-1 patches demo. Drums and Boom FX not included in the package.

Roland (System-1, System-1M and System-1 VST) Nova One Soundset Patchlist

A-1: Crying Guitar
A-2: SawSquare
A-3: Analog Noise
A-4: Analog Saw
A-5: Syncromeda
A-6: Supersaw 1
A-7: Supersaw 2
A-8: System Nova
B-1: Uni Supersaw 1
B-2: Uni Supersaw 2
B-3: UniShokk
B-4: After Pitch
B-5: Cyber Acid Lead
B-6: Supersquare lfo
B-7: Sad Saw
B-8: Industralise

C-1: Big Reverb
C-2: Ambience
C-3: Surroundings
C-4: Dwells
C-5: Lfo Saw
C-6: Pulser
C-7: Trancy Sound
C-8: OverDriver
D-1: Saw Bass
D-2: Scatter Bass
D-3: Env Pitch Bass
D-4: Fm Bass
D-5: Unison Dist Bass
D-6: Trance Bass
D-7: Sub Bass
D-8: Unison Bass

E-1: Logic
E-2: Vowels
E-3: Gritty
E-4: Movin Pad
E-5: Bright Blur
E-6: Digitalic
E-7: Plucky FM
E-8: Trance 1
F-1: Dreamsphere
F-2: Bellz
F-3: Uni Depth
F-4: Airy
F-5: Trance 2
F-6: Slider
F-7: Fuzzyness
F-8: Resonance

G-1: Big Skies
G-2: The Mist
G-3: Azuras Dream
G-4: Unisphere
G-5: Ghastly
G-6: Distortioned
G-7: Supersaw Pad
G-8: Supersquare Pad
H-1: Digital Acid
H-2: Acid Ring
H-3: Attacker FM
H-4: Bass FM Pluck
H-5: Movin FM
H-6: Raw Raw FM
H-7: Nova Style FM
H-8: 7th Pluck FM

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