Novation SNX AudioUnit & VST Librarian Editor Plug-in

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This item will be released on 27/07/2018.

Novation SNX (formerly NovaX) is an AudioUnit and VST Editor / Librarian plug-in to control first generation Novation Nova and Supernova hardware synthesizer right from your DAW.
Novation Nova II and Supernova II models has its own editor called ‘SN2X‘.


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Mac and PC BETA demo downloads – 32-bit installers will be up later!

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Novation SNX (formerly NovaX) is AudioUnit and VST Editor & Librarian plug-in for first generation Novation Nova and Supernova. Faster control and automation access than ever, SNX takes your Novation Nova / Supernova into a whole new level in the game! Control the same way you use your VSTi and AudioUnit plug-ins. Connect your Hardware seamlessly into your DAW. SNX will recall your patch settings when you open your project and the data will be sent to your Novation Nova / Supernova -series automatically once you open your project. The only thing you need to worry, is that you power-up your synth.

We are also looking forward to add the ability to load in Novation UltraNova and Novation MiniNova patches! (WHAT? Yes, but with the Nova standards of course!) You can run our plug-in in Mac AudioUnit & VST format and PC VST format (both 32 & 64bit).

Novation SNX Editor

SNX will give you a clear view of your Oscillator settings, without menu diving! We added some pitch modulation and width modulation knobs to the OSCILLATORS page, so you don’t have to jump back and forth on LFOS|MOD MATRIX pages.

On the left hand side, you can see all your Nova / Supernova parts with quick knobs in it as well. By clicking the numbers, you can view next part or click next part from hardware and the plug-in will follow!


Novation SNX Librarian

SNX librarian view will give you possibility to view single programs and load them to currently selected part or view and load performances. You can also limit your patch catalog with category limit function.

Store any custom Nova/NovaII/Supernova/SupernovaII or UltraNova/MiniNova banks to your HDD and browse them with out the need to write the RAM of you synth.

UltraNova and MiniNova banks will be altered to suit the Nova -series standards.


Novation SNX Advanced MIDI Settings

With Advanced MIDI Settings, you can limit how the hardware data is processed in the plug-in or how the data from DAW is processed with the plug-in. We also added MIDI Clock feature, so you can sync your hardware with your DAW clock.

Faster Workflow

Since there are a lot of great software synthesizers in the markets today and because they are so fast to use, we wanted to bring this functionality to every producer out there with SNX plugin and Novation Nova or Supernova. It is now much faster to scroll thru patches & make edits within your DAW.

The best part is, when you reopen your project, you don’t have to worry about the patch data you had on your synth while producing: Our plugin stores all the data within the project and when you reopen the project, all of the used data gets sent to your hardware, automatically! No more external applications for saving, loading or transferring patch data. Welcome total recall.

  • Control Novation Nova Desktop / Supernova Rack synthesizer directly from your DAW.
  • Automate almost every parameter directly from your DAW.
  • No need to remember CC’s for each knobs / per synthesizer. Goodbye sticky notes!
  • Load, Edit and Store patches into hardware memory or in your HDD personal library.
  • Store any Novation Nova / Nova II / Supernova / Supernova II / Ultranova / MiniNova compatible soundset in your HDD library folder and browse it from our plugin.
  • Send banks or individual patches from librarian to hardware.
  • Request banks or individual patches from hardware to librarian.
  • Total Recall: When you reopen your project, all of the data used in it, will be sent to the hardware, automatically!

…and a lot more. We will update the product page once the product is completed.

Quick user guide and bug reporting / feature requests :

Demo limitations:

  • Not possible to automate
  • Total Recall not enabled
  • Librarian functions are limited
  • Not possible to register


  • Novation Nova Desktop or Supernova Rack hardware synth.
    Novation Nova.
  • Good enough MIDI interface which supports SysEx dumps.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later with AudioUnit or VSTi host.
  • Win XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with VSTi 2.4 compliant host.
  • 1500 x 900px min screen resolution.

Availability, Pricing and Current Version

Novation NovaX Editor & Librarian comes down with a very good price. This price includes support for lifetime! :-)

Pricing: 49.95 EUR (+ VAT for EU customers) – Lifetime free updates & support!
Availability: PRE-ORDER !!
Current version: In development – BETA available

NOTE: Nova and Nova II are a trademark of Novation Music