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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Novation Supernova Hypernova Soundset

5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star

 19.95 + VAT if apply

Bank of 128 patches for the legendary Novation Supernova / Supernova II synthesizers by Seraphic Music.





Novation Supernova Hypernova Soundset

5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Compatible with: Novation Nova, Nova II, Supernova and Supernova II
Designed by: Seraphic Music


Novation Supernova (Nova, Nova II, Supernova, Supernova II) Hypernova Soundset Patchlist

Moving Coil KW
Beating Wing KW
But of cos KW
Acid KW
Moonscape KW
Solarwinds KW
TerraNova KW
Deep Space KW
Apocalypto KW
Probe KW
Solstice KW
Luminary KW
LO-FI String KW
Zenith KW
Portus KW
DeepThrout KW
Submasarine KW
Angles KW
Metallica KW
Agressive Saw KW
Cathedral KW
Helix KW
Aurora KW
Dark Matter KW
Wash KW
Helix Glide KW
Android KW
Rez Bass KW
Neptune KW
Berlin KW
Notre Dame KW
Europa KW

Deep Rising KW
PolarPad KW
Egnite KW
DragonBreath KW
Just a Bass KW
Orion KW
Mellowdian KW
Beauty KW
Spacious KW
Horizons KW
Stratasphere KW
BoulderDash KW
Parallax KW
Braveheart KW
NovaOrchestra KW
Pluto KW
Sputnik KW
Pulsar KW
Satellite KW
Nebula KW
Quasar KW
Flare KW
Mars KW
Red Dwarf KW
Helium KW
Realm KW
MeteorShower KW
Among Stars KW
Mercury KW
Venus KW
Lifeform KW
Exo Planets KW

SaturnReturn KW
StarBreeze KW
Jupiter KW
Jupiter UnisonKW
PianoString KW
Zodiac KW
Andromeda KW
Pegasus 51 KW
Fantasia KW
CheapOrgan KW
The Voice KW
Punsher KW
Dimension KW
Distortek KW
Beat It KW
Funky KW
North Star KW
Radiation KW
Atlantis KW
Pangea KW
Crimson Sun KW
MilkyWay KW
Are We Synced KW
Caves KW
PeterPan KW
Cassiopeia KW
Gibzon KW
Albedo KW
GammaRay KW
Equinox KW
Eclipse KW
Apogee KW

Emotional KW
Talking KW
Can KW
BrokenPluck KW
RotaryPluck KW
RoundCube KW
Green Men KW
Ninja KW
Palestrina KW
Whitelined KW
Ghost KW
12 bit KW
SteamPunk KW
StellaNova KW
In a Dream KW
CombPluck KW
Lord 0 Ring KW
Noisy Spares KW
Mad Sience KW
Kepler KW
VoiceInMyHead KW
BlackHole KW
CrescentMoon KW
Transmissitor KW
Factor Y KW
New Age Lead KW
Han Solo Lead KW
Purple Sky KW
Tiamat KW
Warp Drive KW

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