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korg ms2000 resurrection soundset by seraphic music

Novation Supernova Reincarnation Soundset

Created by Gokosoul

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Gokosoul is here once again with a new blazing soundset and this time it is for the Novation Supernova (I/II) and Nova (I/II) hardware synthesizers.

128 stunning multi-genre presets for Supernova 1,2 and Nova series. Gokosoul is here again with Novation Reincarnation soundset! This package contains 128 blazing presets. You can use this bank with trance, pop, ambient, electronic dance music productions. Gokosoul says: Just ready for reincarnated soul of Supernova! Angry and esthetic basses, captivating plucks, lush leads... all are ready to use in a modern music production. FX designs are so fine tuned and used in a different way.

Have a listen on the great demo and be amazed!

This is a must have for everyone who own's the Novation Supernova 1,2 and Nova synths!

Novation (Nova, Nova II, Supernova, Supernova II) Reincarnation Soundset Patchlist

Reincarnation GK
Error Bass GK
SChain Bass GK
BigNoize Bass GK
Nova303 GK
Anjuna Bass GK
A&B Bass GK
Cosmic Blip GK
Everything GK
MuteBass GK
MuteBass2 GK
Blip Bass GK
1 Note Thrill GK
Sun Bass GK
SpaceWarsBass GK
DistoKingo GK
666 Action!
BrutalGtBass GK
Ghostown Bass GK
Cosmic Gate GK
BreakTrance GK
Sunny Lax BA GK
1, 2, 3 Stop GK
Deep Bass GK
Silent Monstr GK
Growlr Monstr GK
Electrify BA GK
Sawchain Bass GK
Legacy BA GK
5th Pencil BA GK

Skylarking GK
Nord Pluck GK
Pizz 2016 GK
Pure Plux GK
PluckyDucky GK
GibsonGT GK
Cheezy GK
DelayYaled GK
Honey GK
Liquid Plux GK
Zetandel GK
Kygo GK
Sunnylax Plk GK
Sun Plux GK
Nordity GK
Tonight Pluck GK
Salty String GK
Poly6 String GK
VintageJuno GK
LFO Drama GK
Trance 2.0 LD GK
Dumonde Pad GK
Ghost GK
Gtringz GK
1999:Trance GK
Ultimate Guit GK
Nebula Pad GK
Kyperbola GK
Hyperbola GK
Helenista GK
Moon Walk GK
Filter Sheer GK

Free Fall GK
SupSawGlide GK
Super8 Lead GK
Quicksilver GK
Workstation GK
Brutal Sqr GK
Emery Lead GK
Gritty Lead GK
MetalMenthor GK
1998 GK
Dash Berlin GK
Just Trance GK
Harlem Shake GK
Diablo 1 GK
Diablo 2 GK
Diablo 3 GK
Diablo Ocean GK
Chaos GK
Mousedead GK
Punisher GK
Jlo GK
Argin GK
Armin Plk GK
Organ GK
Endless Gtr GK
Thing GK
Mayday GK

Orjan SQance GK
Swallow SEQ GK
GokoRain GK
Co5micG@te GK
The Prodigy GK
QuickSand GK
PolyArpMe GK
Dance Arp A GK
Dance Arp B GK
Knock Out GK
Woodblock Arp GK
Toy Arp GK
Psy Feeliings GK
Tragedya GK
SummerTriplet GK
Shot Gun GK
Squeegee GK
MetalCopter GK
DarudeFX1 GK
DarudeFX2 GK
IN Ter(mina)te
Bass Project GK
Cold Scream GK
Knock Out GK
Fear Chimes GK
Kick Project GK
Synth Snare 1 GK
Synth Snare 2 GK
Synth Snare 3 GK
Spanish GK
Zimmer Drums GK

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