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Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Roland JP-8000/JP-8080 Quarantine Soundset Vol 3

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Gokosoul is here again with another blazing soundset and this time it’s for the legendary Roland JP-8000 & Roland JP-8080 synthesizers. This is the Quarantine Volume 3 – a perfect addition to Volume 1 & 2 bundle!

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88 stunning performance patches for Roland JP-8000 and JP-8080. Gokosoul is here again with “Roland Quarantine Vol. 3” soundset! This package contains continue from 1&2. This bank will overwrite performance patch banks. You can use this bank with any kind of electronic music productions.

Gokosoul says: “If you just boring a bit to hear only supersaw patches from your JP, and If you want to play some unconditional but esthetic sounds from your basic virtual analog synth, you just press a key and see what’s happening… Means almost all performance presets are prepared for “one finger” performing. Juicy sequences, complex moving pads, note shifter leads, fascinating progressive basslines, never heard before sfx’s, even house loops, guitar-ish phrases or basic dubstep needs. All are in 1 now!” Have a listen on the great demo and be amazed! This is a must have for everyone who owns the JP!

-In the demo track used Yamaha SPX2000 Multi Effect Processor as a basic hall reverb.
-All drum sounds and sfx’s coming from Quarantine Vol.1 & 2 and 3



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