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Roland JP-80×0 AudioUnit & VSTi Librarian Editor Plug-in

€ 49.95

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Ever dreamed of controlling your Roland JP-8000 and / or JP-8080 directly from your DAW, but got a bit bored while saving and loading the patches? Well here it is: JP-80×0 AudioUnit and VSTi plugin for Mac & PC

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Product Description

JP-80×0, the first decent MIDI & SysEx AU/VSTi editor-librarian plug-in for Mac and Windows users. You ever wanted to control, automate & work with your Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 by the same way you use your VSTi and AudioUnit plug-ins? Now it’s possible with our Editor-Librarian plug-in that allows you to get your Hardware connected into your DAW. JP-80×0 will recall your patch settings when you open your project and the data will be sent to your JP-8000 / JP-8080 automatically once you open your project. The only thing you need to worry, is that you power-up your JP-8000 / JP-8080 synth. This plug-in is great even if your JP-8000 / JP-8080 is broken = knobs & sliders not working.


This plug-in is not a software synthesizer! This is pure editor for real hardware synthesizer!

– Connect your JP-8000 / JP-8080 directly into your DAW.
– Edit almost every parameter of your synthesizer from our plug-in.
– Plug-in user interface reacts to hardware knob & buttons movements
– Automate almost every parameter within your DAW.
– Edit both layers from the plug-in individually or link layers together.
– You can request thru User, Preset and Memory Card** library within the plug-in.
– You can send the parameters from the plug-in to your synthesizers Temp buffer and save them from there or you can directly write user memory from our plug-in.
– JP-8000 incompatible parameters marked with **.
– Knob & button values are sent to hardware.
– View & edit performance name in plug-in interface .
v2: Request current patch from selected slot to librarian.
v2: Request all patches from selected bank to librarian.
v2: Store currently selected patch from librarian to hardware.
v2: Store current patch bank from librarian to hardware.
v2: Request temp performance data to librarian.
v2: Request current performance from selected slot to librarian.
v2: Request all performance data from selected bank to librarian.
v2: Store currently selected performance data from librarian to hardware.
v2: Store current performance bank from librarian to hardware.
v2: Load any midi / sysex patch or performance bank to librarian.
v2: Browse performance & patch banks within plugin librarian.
v2: Load currently selected performance data to plugin memory.
v2: Load currently selected performance bank to plugin memory.
v2: Load selected single patch to selected performance slot (upper / lower).
– Software stores last used performance data with plug-in to it’s memory.
– Software loads last used performance data with project load and sends it to hardware.
v2: Organize performance data in librarian and save a new performance bank to hard drive.
v2: Organize patch data in librarian and save a new patch bank to hard drive
– Send performance data to hardware from plugin by using white user interface buttons.
– Request performance data from selected bank to plugin white buttons memory (8×8=64 slots).
v2: Option to scroll thru hardware programs without sending performance / patch data to hardware.
v2: View & edit upper / lower part patch name.
v2: View & edit upper / lower part velocity sensitivity levels.
v2: View & edit upper / lower part control assign sensitivity levels.
v2: More knobs & buttons now reacts to hardware knob / button movements.
v2: Select performance midi channel.
v2: Select remote kbd midi channel.

What it won’t do:

– Transmit any audio.
– JP-8080 Voice modulator parameters are not available.
– External audio inputs not selectable.
v2: Plug-in v1.x preset format is not available anymore.

Known limitations in Windows:

– As part of Windows operating system and it’s structure, it’s not possible to share same midi devices between different apps, so you need to disable those midi ports from your DAW that you want to use with our plug-in. More info HERE

Pricing: 49.95 EUR – Lifetime updates.
Availability: NOW !!
Current version: MAC v2.0.3 | PC v2.0.3


- JP-80×0 Editor plug-in for VSTi and AU format (32 & 64 bit PC & Intel MAC)
– Mystery Islands Roland JP-80×0 “Always Alive” soundset (midi format)
– Alan Marcero’s Roland JP-80×0 soundset (midi format)
– JP-80×0 Plug-in Quick start guide (see download tab)


- Roland JP-8000 or Roland JP-8080 Synthesizer
– MIDI interface
– Mac OS X 10.6 or later with AudioUnit or VSTi host
– Win XP, Vista, 7 or 8 with VSTi 2.4 compliant host

Demo limitations:

- Not possible to automate
– Total Recall not enabled
– Librarian functions are limited
– Not possible to register

JP-80×0 Editor / Librarian AU & VSTi MAC DEMO v2.0.3
Latest update: v2.0.3 at 16/02/2015 | Size: 20.08 MB | Total downloads: 588

JP-80x0 Editor / Librarian AU & VSTi MAC DEMO

JP-80x0 Editor / Librarian VSTi PC DEMO v2.0.3
Latest update: v2.0.3 at 16/02/2015 | Size: 7.55 MB | Total downloads: 1207

JP-80x0 Editor / Librarian VSTi PC DEMO



This package includes “Roland JP-80×0 Always Alive Soundset” so don’t add it to your cart :-)

Roland JP-8080 & JP-8000 is a trademark of Roland Corporation

Mystery Islands Music Plugins

AudioUnit & VSTi plug-ins for Mac and Windows platforms, that allows you to control external MIDI devices from your favorite DAW. This includes total recall on project load and loads of other functions that you can read from the actual product page :-) Download the demo and try it out! Also, read the product page so you'll fully understand the capability of the plugin, before using it!

More products from Mystery Islands Music Plugins

Our plug-ins are made for Musicians, producers, live artists & sound designers BY musicians. Actually, there is no who as you decide if you want to use it or not. As we are musicians, we know what we need in our daily basis to make music faster, be more creative and to get our “mind” work with the modern way = AudioUnit & VSTi plug-ins. We try to develop our software for you as well, but we can’t please everyone thats for sure. We are not working for any of the companies we develop our Librarian / Editor plug-ins for. We build our product for ourselves and for you :) Here is a example to show how our plug-in will help your day!

Any kind of studio / live setup:

Hardware synthesizer <-> MIDI interface <-> Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

• You produce music for yourself, or with a client and you want a quick access to your hardware synth sounds.
• Your clients get the impression that your gear is professional when you load in the plug-in and start to tweak it.
• You can easily edit sounds straight from the plug-in interface without going to actual hardware and dive thru the silly menus to get what you want.
• Small or large session in your DAW -> our plug-in synchronizes your hardware synth with the data saved in your project.
• No more hassle with the hardware synth banks and patches when you open a project, a time saver!
• Organize, build, edit, load and save banks within one window. This helps you to build your favorite banks in seconds!
• You still love to work “hands on” with your hardware, no problem! Just tweak the knob, dive the menus or what ever you do, you can see the changes in your plug-in window as well. When you hit Save in your session, all of the data received will be saved.
• Automate parameters quickly in your DAW without the need of remembering 100′s of #CC numbers for each synth.
• Store your favorite sounds to your hardware synth so you can quickly access them on stage.

JP-80x0 Librarian - Show performances

JP-80×0 Librarian – Show performances

JP-80x0 Librarian - Show patches

JP-80×0 Librarian – Show patches

JP-80x0 Velocity level controllers

JP-80×0 Velocity level controllers

JP-80x0 Global settings page

JP-80×0 Global settings page

JP-80x0 Modulation level controllers

JP-80×0 Modulation level controllers

JP-80x0 Main window

JP-80×0 Main window

Product Enquiry

Here is a playlist which shows how to download and purchase the plugin, how to register your plugin and how to set it up with various hosts!

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