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Roland JP-8000/JP8080 Quarantine Soundset Vol 1 & 2

Created by Gokosoul

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Gokosoul is here again with another blazing soundset and this time it’s for the legendary Roland JP-8000 & Roland JP-8080 synthesizers.

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128 stunning EDM presets for Roland JP-8000 and JP-8080. Gokosoul is here again with Roland JP-8000/JP-8080 "Quarantine" soundset! This package contains both, volume 1 and 2. This bank will overwrite both user patch banks (U:A11-88 & U:B11-88). You can use this bank with any kind of electronic dance music productions. Gokosoul says: "Imagine, that you can create any kind of music with one bank and that bank is now here. I have included some drums to the package, so you can play around with those as well." Have a listen on the great demo and be amazed! This is a must have for everyone who owns the JP!

Roland JP-80×0 Quarantine Vol 1 and 2 Patchlist

Quarantine V1 GK
Angry Monster GK
Nowhere… GK
CrushedHadron GK
Pluck Classic GK
Pluck Modern GK
Mid Bass GK
2011 GK
Tractor Bass GK
Jetplane GK
SeismicStorm GK
Glide Effort GK
>Build-up< GK
Blue Sky GK
Schuno Pluck GK
Outherspace GK
Fairytale GK
Viral Inf. GK
Fat Kick GK
Irufushi GK
Annual GK
…Boot GK
Alien Sym GK
Tranceition GK
Sad Trance GK
Arp Me! GK
Oceansphere GK
Nasty GK
BruteSaw GK
Zohar GK
Wobber GK
Voltage GK

HarmonicPlk GK
Callaghan GK
Flashbacks GK
O’dan GK
Calm Guy GK
Retroscan GK
Jr. Monsta! GK
Shake Afraid GK
Not Supersaw? GK
Boy FatSlim GK
Matan Bass GK
Lost Island GK
Photocopy GK
On Earth GK
Tom GK
5’th Key GK
Glassy GK
Hit Snare GK
AcousticSnare GK
ReverseKeybed GK
Knocking Door GK
ElectroBass GK
Phasing Key GK
Ferocious GK
Endless ERROR GK
RingRing GK
OctaveMe Bass GK
Ugly Face GK
Only Pleasure GK
Legacy 70’s GK
SuperSaw 70’s GK

Modular Synth GK
Foot Steps GK
Generic Saw GK
Vocodering GK
Wavestation GK
ArpOdy GK
Feedback lead GK
ArpedSQ GK
Desolate Pad1 GK
Desolate Pad2 GK
Wld FM’d Plk GK
Rockish Organ GK
Reverse Guit GK
70’s Funny GK
Chicane pluck GK
Must B Arped! GK
Shot the DJ GK
Flying Kick GK
Trance Kick GK
For Climax Pd GK
Thousand Mile GK
Tri3ngle Roap GK
Shog’ed GK
Dithered Thng GK
JP’s Roaring GK
“Right 5” GK
Nostalgia GK
Moogy Lead GK
Booom! GK

Changments GK
Prophet Bass GK
Cold Train GK
Numan’s Lead GK
Bandy Passdy GK
Delayed GK
Nord Pluck 1 GK
Nord Pluck 2 GK
Basic Seq GK
Distorted Tri GK
Gated Saw GK
Gated Phase GK
Hopping “5” GK
FastAttackSaw GK
Trancy Clav GK
Noise Lead GK
Phased Organ GK
PortaVibrato GK
Analog Giant GK
Ugly Bass GK
SQ Lead GK
Analog Stuff GK
Sub Bass GK
Loser :( GK
BD (hard) GK
Open Cym GK
Env Cym GK
Pop Clap 1 GK
Pop Clap 2 GK
Stadium Clap GK

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