Waldorf Best Of Both Worlds

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Compatible with: Waldorf blofeld, Q/Q+, microQ and Largo

128 dance music orientated patches for Waldorf Largo (software), Q-Series (hardware) and Blofeld (hardware). I have carefully programmed these patches to sound the same even used on software or hardware.

This package is included with our microQxR, bloX and qXr Editor / Librarian plug-ins!

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Product Description

128 Massive sounds, compatible with Waldorf Blofeld, microQ, Q, Largo and TerraTec Komplexer synths. This ‘Best of both worlds’. Bolfeld and Q-range are hardware synths, but don’t despair: the software synths are in no way left behind!

Try out the demo presets to hear exactly what you’ll be getting! Dirty basses, leads and sequence sounds, pads and plucks, all in the classic Waldorf style. No more weird clangs, effects and bells, these are straight to the point cutting-edge electronic sounds!

I have carefully programmed these patches to sound the same even used on software or hardware. There are surely some differences like filters and envelopes, which will not sound the same between Blofeld – Q-series!


  • Waldorf Blofeld, microQ, Q hardware synthesizer or Waldorf Largo / TerraTec Komplexer software synthesizer

17 different sounds used in the demo. Effects used : TC Electronic VSS3, Apple Logic Stereo Delay and synths own FX, except EQ as MicroQ & Blofeld don’t have EQ.

Waldorf Best Of Both Worlds Patchlist

303 Disorder JK
A&B 1 JK
A&B 2 JK
Add Some Sub JK
Anjunabeats JK
AnjunaSweep JK
ChainUP JK
Classic HiPass JK
Cocaine JK
ContrastBase JK
Deep End JK
Do Some Moor JK
Double Saw JK
Electro Bass JK
ElectroStab1 JK
Ferry Bass 1 JK
Ferry Bass 2 JK
Ferry Bass 3 JK
FM Punch JK
Fruity JK
Like Virus JK
Loving 303’s JK
Metal Bass JK
Moog’ish JK
Nation JK
No Mercy JK
Nordish 1 JK
Nordish 2 JK
NorthernLights JK
Not 2 Keen JK
Pad Bass 1 JK
Pad Bass 2 JK

PitchUP JK
PulseSurprise JK
Punchy JK
Quad Saw JK
RexBass JK
Scary Arp JK
SexOnTheBeach JK
Side Bass JK
Simon Says JK
Sync Star JK
The Fuzz JK
TheyRBeyond JK
UK Style 1 JK
UK Style 2 JK
Banana EP JK
PoorOldEP JK
2x Nord Lead JK
Acidish JK
Alt+F4 JK
Anjuna Finest JK
Artist :-) JK
Chord This JK
Dirty Bitch JK
Dist Leader JK
Dist Reality JK
E-Guiter 1 JK
E-Guitar 2 JK
Fill In Detune JK
Floater JK
HyperSaw JK
HyperSquare JK

Kandi Lead 1 JK
Kandi Lead 2 JK
LFO Twist JK
Mercury&Solace? JK
Mou5er JK
Nice Sinetooth JK
Offbeat Lead JK
Oscar 1 JK
Oscar 2 JK
Pitch F*cker JK
Poly 6 JK
Satellite JK
Smudge JK
Snap It JK
Solstice JK
SquareSync JK
Sunrise JK
Thrillseeker JK
Ugliest JK
UMustLoveMe JK
Use Wheel JK
6 Voice Sawyer JK
7th Sky JK
Aalto JK
Ambience JK
AnalogRings JK
Backup Choir JK
Filter2 G8 JK
Flutish JK
Ibiza Chill JK
Maybe Angels? JK
Out of Phase JK

Pro5 Style JK
Sad Waves JK
Stringz JK
SuperLargo JK
Sweet Dreams JK
Wide As F*ck JK
Armadish JK
Chord Sound JK
Fake Drift JK
GetOff JK
In Time JK
Mystik JK
Pulsate JK
Rush JK
Self Oscillated JK
Soft Saw JK
Steve 1 JK
Steve 2 JK
BrokenPulse JK
Bubble Fish JK
DreamPulse JK
Electrons JK
Fam0us JK
Fast ? Sweep JK
Groove Hit JK
Kandi sEQ JK
Lucifer JK
RazorBlade JK
Shaper JK
Synced Saw JK
BuildThatBreak JK
Jani Kervinen

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