Have you purchased rekonAudio Editor in past? If you have, then this is for you!

If you have purchased any of the rekonAudio products below, you are entitled to receive 66% discount coupon towards our products*:

  • rekonAudio VST-AU Virus Editor
  • rekonAudio VST-AU Nord Editor
  • rekonAudio VST-AU Nord 2 Editor
  • rekonAudio VST-AU Blofeld Editor

If you have purchased any other rekonAudio Editor in the past, you are entitled to 50% discount coupon towards our products*.

If you don’t wish to receive a coupon / there is no product of your interest in our catalog, we will issue you store credit worth 33€ (66% off) / 25€ (50% off) for future purchases.
As our catalog is getting bigger and bigger, there will be new products that you might find useful and you are free to use the coupon at that time.

Wait, I have purchased rekonAudio editor in the past, but I have purchased your editor as well! Do I get to receive money back?

  • If you have purchased a plugin from our store after you bought rekonAudio products, you will receive the voucher for any products in our store. :-)

Why is this trade-in program coming in now?

  • We are actively watching out at our competitors and when we see that they are not active anymore, we will offer their previous customers an option to upgrade their non-working / non-updated products to better ones.

Here are the steps to proceed with our trade-in program:

  • Create a new account (if needed) in our site.
  • Fill in all your details, billing and shipping to ensure serial delivery.
  • Go to your email and find you purchase receipt from rekonAudio.
  • Send the purchase receipt to [email protected]
  • Tell us, which product do you want to have the coupon for and what email address you will be using at checkout.
  • If you don’t wish to have the coupon, we will issue you the store credit you are entitled to.

Rules of coupons / Store Credit:

  • *Discount will be calculated ONLY if the cart total is 49,95€ OR more. No other coupons are applied.

Why should I trade-in my rekonAudio editor with yours?

3 very good reasons and two great reasons on top of that :-)

  1. We update our products constantly, while adding new features as well.
  2. Our product support is FREE for lifetime.
  3. Our product updates are FREE for lifetime.
  4. Our developer portal is open for EVERYONE for suggesting new ideas / features.
  5. Our developer portal is open for EVERYONE for tracking bugs and reporting new ones.

We use Trello for your development to track issues and for suggesting new ideas: https://trello.com/mysteryislandsmusic1

And for those who noticed Blofeld Editor being in the list as well: Yes, Blofeld Editor will be included in our catalog very soon :-)