Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse 2 to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Roland JP-80×0 Editor & Librarian v2.6.2 available now!


Roland JP-80×0 Editor & Librarian v2.6.2 available now!

by | Apr 20, 2020 | JP-80x0 Update, News


  1. Rossi Massimo

    i am very happy i bought this plugin for my JP8000, it works very well

    • Jani

      Thanks Rossi! Leave a review once you get the email asking for it :)

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We made some improvements to our Roland JP-8000 / Roland JP-8080 Editor & Librarian plug-in during the weekend to fix some issues it was having.

We did receive some bug reports regarding to Cubase blacklisting on PC and plug-in not appearing in Live on PC, but they should be ok now as well. At least it worked in our own office PC.

Here is the change log since 2.6.0:

Version 2.6.2 / 2020-04-20

* [New] UIsize zoom level are now set to *0,69 / *1,00 / *1,31 to align fonts and images a lot better.
* [Fixed] when UI is scaled up or down, abort process button is aligned better.
* [Fixed] when UI is scaled up or down, librarian controls are aligned better.

Version 2.6.1 / 2020-04-18

* [Fixed] In some cases, librarian would get stuck into eternal loop while reading a sound bank file.

You can download the update from https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/downloads/ page and new demo version from the plug-in product page here.

Support and documents can be found from the support pages here: https://help.mysteryislands-music.com/ – keep in mind, you need separate account for the support pages to post in forums or to comment our content in there!

Again, every feedback is much appreciated and we look forward hearing your thoughts! :-)

Stay healthy and stay home!

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