Summer Sale 2017 + Little Updates

Celebrating the summer of 2017, we have launched a summer sale deal for everyone. During this July and mid August, all our products can be purchased with a -33% discount!

Simply redeem the coupon during checkout or in cart page to see your order total.

You can also use the coupon code: july-special during the checkout to get the deal :)

Waldorf qXr plug-in

We have just received a Q rack here in the office, which helps a lot when it comes to developing the qXr plug-in. In fact, we already started and it is looking good. We are looking forward to release a new beta version quite soon. There was a lot more to change in the development what we thought, but we are getting there and it will be awesome!

Here is what we found so far:

  • Oscillator shapes did not act the way they should.
  • LFO and Modulation parameters were not working as expected.
  • some other things as well….

Yellow beast. Waiting for a set of new knobs and a new display.

Waldorf bloX plug-in

We have made some progress with bloX plug-in for those who wait for its release. We have not yet announced pre-orders for it as the qXr plug-in development takes its time as well. Here is a hot summer teaser picture though!

Enjoy the summer sale while it lasts!

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