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Since AURA Plugins acquired the Editor developement, there has been major updates to Access Virus Editor, Roland JP-80x0 Editor and many new Editors are on their way.
Native Apple Silicon Support, USB AUDIO and MIDI support for macOS 10.12 and greater.

Native AAX, Audio Unit, VST2, VST3 and Standalone Apps for macOS and Windows available.

Summer Sale 2017 + Little Updates


Summer Sale 2017 + Little Updates

by | Jul 9, 2017 | News, qXr Update


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Celebrating the summer of 2017, we have launched a summer sale deal for everyone. During this July and mid August, all our products can be purchased with a -33% discount!

Simply redeem the coupon during checkout or in cart page to see your order total.

You can also use the coupon code: july-special during the checkout to get the deal :)

Waldorf qXr plug-in

We have just received a Q rack here in the office, which helps a lot when it comes to developing the qXr plug-in. In fact, we already started and it is looking good. We are looking forward to release a new beta version quite soon. There was a lot more to change in the development what we thought, but we are getting there and it will be awesome!

Here is what we found so far:

  • Oscillator shapes did not act the way they should.
  • LFO and Modulation parameters were not working as expected.
  • some other things as well….

Yellow beast. Waiting for a set of new knobs and a new display.

Waldorf bloX plug-in

We have made some progress with bloX plug-in for those who wait for its release. We have not yet announced pre-orders for it as the qXr plug-in development takes its time as well. Here is a hot summer teaser picture though!

Enjoy the summer sale while it lasts!

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