Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

I need support, what should I do first?

Log in and go to ” my account “. Update all the fields and when you see “my setup” and “forum signature”, please fill in the details with your platform, os, daw, midi-interface, plugin version etc. Example:

Mac OS X 10.6.5, Logic Pro v7.2.3, emagic amt-8, Virus|HC 1.3.6

After updating your details, check the product forums for solution to your question / issue. If you can’t find a solution, create a new post.

Resolving your case might help some others too and it saves our time to focus on development.

Where are the documentation files?

User manual can be downloaded from the respected product page and from this page as well. Just scroll down to section where you see all the downloads and grab it there.

User forums has a lot tutorials over there, so be sure to check them through.

Why haven't I seen your products anywhere else?

Due to the nature of our product, the way it’s licensed and the way we develop them even further more, it is a lot easier for every customer to fetch the updates from a single place.

This way we have to maintain only one site and one location of downloads / news / support and such.

How can I download a demo of your product?

Almost all of our products have demo download possibility. Just click product image to view the full product details and you can find the demo downloads there.

We keep the demo downloads up-to-date with the full version updates as well, so you can try the latest version available. Our Products

How do I contact someone at Mystery Islands Music?

If your contact request is related to product support, we suggest you read through the FAQs first. If you can’t find a solution to your problem, open a new topic in respected forums.

However, if you have a general enquiry in mind about a certain product, click on questions and answers tab on the product page and post your question there!

We are located in Finland and our working hours are generally between 07:00-20:00 EEST.

Plugin FAQs

Do I need an iLok / Syncrosoft key for authorization?


I’m having trouble with your plug-in, what’s next?

READ THE MANUAL (!) how to set everything up. We are 95% sure that it covers a solution for you.

However, if you have found a bug from our plug-in, we suggest you report it to our support staff at forums.

Where can I put my custom sound banks?

Windows: \Documents\Mystery Islands Music\(plug-in name)\Patches

Mac: /Documents/Mystery Islands Music/(plug-in name)/Patches

This method works for latest version of NL2xR, JP-80×0 and VirusHC. Update for microKxR and MS2KxR are on the way!

Does your plugin generate any sound?

No. Our plugins are made to control hardware synthesizers over MIDI.

I just bought your plug-in, where is the license?

You can find your plugin license(s) from My Account -> My Orders. Click order number to view the order details and you should see a download license.key button under the product, per product.

If you can’t see the button for some reason, your order status might not be completed or your funds are on the way.

Why plug-in status is “Reload License” after I load the license?

  1. Make sure your license is called license.key NOT license.key.txt which quite often happens when you download the license in browser.
  2. If you use Windows as your operating system, you have to run your DAW in admin mode in order to sign the plug-in with the license.key data.
  3. Do not double click the license.key file. It will not register the plug-in.
  4. If reload license still remains, make sure your data folder permissions and structure is correctly setup. Instructions below:

MAC: Navigate to /Macintosh HD/Users/(your username)/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/(plug-in name)/ – Then check the plug-in folder information and make sure the folder permission is set to read & write for all and apply the same setting for subfolders too.
MAC & PC: Navigate to folder mentioned above and copy the license.key manually into the plug-in folder root and relaunch your plug-in instance to see if the registration is successfully completed.

Is your plug-ins compatible with latest Mac OS?

Yes! Our plug-ins work from 10.6 upwards.

I would like to update my old plug-in, but the update is not backward compatible, what now?

You have one method to sort this out and this is how we made it:

  1. Open you session with the old plug-in installed.
  2. Make sure your settings are sent to your synthesizer.
  3. Remove the plug-in from the project.
  4. Save the project under a new name (just in case!!).
  5. Close the DAW.
  6. Unplug MIDI in & out from your synthesizer.
  7. Install new plug-in update.
  8. Open your DAW.
  9. Open project with new name.
  10. Insert new plug-in.
  11. Plug MIDI in & out cables to your synth.
  12. Import CURRENT set from your synth to plugin and hit save.
  13. DONE.

Buying & Payments

I think your products are over priced, can I get discount?

We would love to say yes, but due to the life time support service, continuous updates and quality our products we serve, we think our products are well under priced.

Do you accept refunds?

We will do a 100% refund, but only after 14 days from your purchase with following terms: During this 14 days we will do absolutely everything to solve out why the product is not working for you. TeamViewer, Skype, Phone, Email, you name it, we do it! Our support is rated to be the best in the markets and that is the way we want it to be!

We have processed more than 2100 orders where only 12 has been refunded. 50% from these refunds are from customers who did not understand that our plug-ins are only to control hardware synthesizers.

I made payment with Bank Account Transfer, where are my downloads?

Your downloads will be visible once your payment has been cleared.

What payment methods does your site support?

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Direct Bank Account Transfers (for EU customers only).

Check the footer for accepted cards list. PayPal and Credit Card payments are handled by Braintree Payments

I want to buy your plugins as a bundle, is there a discount coupon?

No. We issue discounts coupons based on your purchase volume, so after your first purchase, you are entitled for certain amount of discounts.

Can I transfer the license.key to a new owner if I sell my synth?

No. License is personal based on your details, so if you give a way your license.key to someone, we don’t take any responsibility for your personal data being exposed.

I saw an item in eBay with plug-in and license included, can I buy it?

Yes you can buy it, but we are not going to provide any support for you. We have stated many times, that license.key is personal based on customers personal details. If you purchase the license.key from our store, you are entitled to updates and support.

You should ask for price reduction of the synth to exclude the plug-in license from it and then buy a license from our store.

Support Forums

Get help from staff members and from community members!

Download PDF Manuals for our plugin products

Download the latest manual to learn about our plugin functions, capabilities, restrictions etc


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