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Waldorf bloX, PulseX and Pulse2X updates


Waldorf bloX, PulseX and Pulse2X updates

by | Sep 26, 2020 | bloX Update, News, Pulse2X Update, PulseX Update

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  1. Jani

    FYI: I was sick (not COVID luckily) for few days and just started to catch up with updates and emails (again). More VirusHC updates on the way!

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Hi folks!

Time for another update. Today we’ve released new versions of Waldorf Blofeld, Pulse and Pulse 2 Editors. There quite a few things changed, so be sure to check them out. I will roll out another update for PulseX and Pulse2X during next couple of days, but it is only “cosmetic” update rather than “under the food” update.

So whats new? Well, a lot. I have been wrestling with the name issue on bloX where it dumps the arrangement to blofeld, but the first character on the multi / single patch name is not right. It turned out that even when my message content is what the synth expects it to be (including sysex checksum), the hardware translates the first character to something odd after a few dumps. It seems to be hardware issue more than software. Maybe it’s a memory buffer issue, I don’t know.

Waldorf bloX

Version 1.2.1 / 2020-09-25

* [New] Plug-in will now say if license can not be validated and prompts to locate the license file. It does not matter if license has .key or .txt extension to it, both are supported.
* [New] Import *.mqr (microQxR) or *.qxr (qXr) formats from bank edit -> import menu to librarian.
* [New] *.mqr (microQxR) and *.qxr (qXr) formats are now directly read from the Patches folder upon plug-in launch.
* [Fixed] license.key.txt is now automatically renamed to license.key when applying the license via patch librarian -> bank edit -> register plug-in.
* [Reminder] If user changes multi parameters while holding down left shift key, multi data will be sent to hardware when shift and parameter are released! Changing multi parameters will force the plug-in to send the entire arrangement data to hardware. If user wants to reduce the send load, mute parts that are not in use!

Version 1.2.0 / 2020-09-22

* [Fixed] Multi and Single name first character was not set properly.
* [Fixed] Global settings were not recalled properly during total recall.
* [Fixed] Multi Program number is now recalled with the global settings.
* [Fixed] Multi Program number is now shown when Multimode Mixer is toggled on.
* [Fixed] MIDI out was not properly sent while playing notes or adjusting parameters.
* [Other] Removed Auto-MIDI Input & Output assign function due to difficulties with multiple units.
* [Other] Part 1 Defaults to Bank A prog 1, Part 2 Bank B prog 2 etc.

Waldorf PulseX

Version 1.1.2 / 2020-09-23

* [Fixed] Program names are now capitalized as well as category names.
* [Fixed] Bank import and bank conversion from Pulse 2 to Pulse works as expected.

Waldorf Pulse2X

Version 1.0.5 / 2020-09-23

* [Fixed] Program names are now capitalized as well as category names.
* [Fixed] Bank import and bank conversion from Pulse to Pulse 2 works as expected.

Version 1.0.4 / 2020-09-20

* [Fixed] Resolved issue where oscillators semitone setting was messed up on total recall and when saving patches to bank.

Download the full version from downloads page and if you are new to these products, check them out!

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