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Since AURA Plugins acquired the Editor developement, there has been major updates to Access Virus Editor, Roland JP-80x0 Editor and many new Editors are on their way.
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Waldorf qXr Development status update


Waldorf qXr Development status update

by | Oct 26, 2017 | News, Plugin Update, qXr Update


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Hi, it’s been long time since there was an real update of the Waldorf qXr plug-in development. We did update some graphics across our social medias to showcase and hear your opinion on the different skin sets for qXr and we also made some changes to the plug-in itself.

First of all , qXr is now Q / Q+ exclusive. What does this mean to microQ owners? Don’t worry, we have split up qXr into two different plug-ins due to data incompatibility AND because we want to give you, the user, better user experience.

So, while qXr continues as Q / Q+ exclusive version, microQxR plug-in will be put out on the store in few days and it is free for everyone who made the qXr purchase so far. :-)

microQxR status has not changed too much, where as qXr has been taken to another level with Q model specifications and such. We still don’t have graphics for Effects and Arp / Seq, since we just managed to pull the last of the basic features in.

Next thing is, we will be implementing Effects section and some other fixes, if you dare to report us. We will be updating both plug-ins in parallel.

Anyway, starting “tomorrow”, all the existing customers will be receiving a membership link to qXr and microQxR plug-ins. There you can download the latest update which is v0.9.5.

We can’t wait for you to try it!

Below is some images of the plug-in user interface, let us know how it looks.

Download will be available during thursday / friday at after the membership email pops in – watch out that mailbox.

Product page for Waldorf qXr (q /q+) –

Spread the word with your community ❤️ Thank you!

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