Waldorf Pulse / Pulse+ Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Waldorf PulseX Editor & Librarian plug-in is out now.
Reconnect your Pulse or Pulse+ to your DAW with enhanced controls.

Waldorf qXr Editor v0.8.5 Beta is now available


Waldorf qXr Editor v0.8.5 Beta is now available

by | Apr 22, 2017 | News, qXr Update

Waldorf qXr Editor / Librarian has been released as a beta and the current version is 0.8.5.

You can download the demo, but there is no manual included and some functions might not work as expected. Check our forum (for license owners) for install instructions and best practices for using this plug-in.

Check more details and screenshots of this plug-in here: https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/product/waldorf-qxr-audiounit-vst-librarian-editor-plug-in/

Pre-order customers can download the license and full version installers from here: https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/my-account/

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