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Founder and CEO of Mystery Islands Music

Husband, father, musician, developer, graphics designer, web designer, you name it!

    Mystery Islands a.k.a. Jani Kervinen, Electronic dance music producer from Finland. Jani Kervinen started making electronic music in 1994. Therefore, you’ve hear some of the productions in all major trance channels across the internet, including: Trance Around The World, A State Of Trance etc etc. Also some commercial radio stations has been spinnin’ out Mystery Islands tunes.

    From those early days, there has been a lot stuff that happened: warming up Darude, when he came up with his ‘Sandstorm’ single back in the days, Spinnin’ at Wildchild birthday party at London, UK, Lived in UK by making music only etc etc.

    Jani kicked off with his first single ‘Jungle Breeze’ and it got rated with 5/5 starts in DJ MAG! Second single ‘Solace’ was written pretty soon after Jungle Breeze and it got some spice by vocals from a Finnish rock singer, “Keely” aka Juha Kiili. This vocal version didn’t get released as at it’s time, male vocals wasn’t the thing in Trance music.

    Also one of the most important break thru was a remix for Afterglow Records: “Arizona & Greg Murray – Daylight (Mystery Islands Remix)” After making music more and more, it was pretty obvious to collaborate with some others and soon Jani met Mika Savela and ‘Dyyni’ & ‘Kaste’ was born. Kaste – Desert Eagle got signed to Anjunabeats, and it was a huge success! Those were the golden trance-times I’d say.

    Then, some other stuff what is going on.. Jani is also known as a sound designer and plug-in developer. He has done a punch of soundsets for different synths, like Access Virus range, Waldorf synths, Roland JP-series and Apple Logic ES2 soundset! In development side, Jani has written AudioUnit & VST control, editor & librarian plug-ins for Access Virus, Roland JP-8000, Korg MS2000 and microKorg plugins. You need to check the plug-ins out, as they will ease your workflow with DAW – Hardware synthesizers environment.

    Studio equipment

    Apple Logic Pro
    Apple MacPro 2,66 Quad
    30″ HP
    RME RayDat
    Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Satellite
    Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Satellite
    Universal Audio Apollo Quad Firewire
    Novation Nocturn
    ESI KeyControl 49XT
    TC Electronic Powercore x8
    TC Electronic Powercore Unplugged
    TC Electronic Powercore PCI mk1 (x2)
    PCI-chassis (virtuavia PCIe -> 4x PCI)
    Emagic AMT-8 x2
    Behringer ADA8000 (x4)
    Behringer ADA8200 (x2)
    Behringer SRC2496 (x2)
    Behringer MX8000a (x2)

    TC Electronic Level Pilot
    Mackie BigKnob
    Mackie HR824
    Audio Pro Addon One
    12″ Sub-bass
    Ultrasone PROline 2500
    AKG K 240
    Behringer Condensier Mic
    Rode NT1-a Mic
    Access Virus Powercore Multi
    Access Virus C Desktop
    Access Virus TI|2 Desktop
    Roland JP-8000
    Waldorf microQ
    Waldorf blofeld
    M-Audio Venom
    Korg microKorg

    Roland JP-8080
    Clavia Nord Rack 2
    Clavia Nord Rack 3
    Novation KS-Rack
    Novation Supernova 2 Rack
    Korg MS2000R
    Korg Radias R
    Yamaha AN1x
    Yamaha AN200
    Yamaha EX5 Millenium Edition
    Yamaha CS6x with PLG150-AN
    Plugins from Sinevibes, Arturia, TC Electronic, Korg, U-he, Lennar Digital, ReFX, Novation, Universal Audio, FXpansion, DaDa Life, DiscoDSP, FabFilter, SoundTower, Waldorf, G-Media, Kush Audio, Sound Radix, Sonimus, Redmatica, Motu, keilwertAudio, Native Instruments, XILS-Lab, Sonnox, Soundtoys, etc. And the best part: They’re all legal :)

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    Waldorf #qxr plugin is taking a step forward! Have a look :) #waldorfsynth #waldorfq #qrack #qkeyboard ...

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    Sequencer tab is nearly there. Looking forward to release this beauty soon :) #waldorfmusic #waldorfq #qxr #qrack #qkeyboard ...

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    Finally received new display and pot set for my waldorf Q rack. 👌🏻 work continues with #qxr plugin rest of the week. Last week was terrible. Puking, fever, headache, you name it. Qxr release soon with tap delay and improved graphics :) ...

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