Access Virus Editor & Librarian v3

Access Virus Editor Osc Filter Env

Access Virus Editor & Librarian has been updated.
Native Apple Silicon Support, USB MIDI support for macOS 10.13 and greater.

Native AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 and Standalone App for macOS and Windows available.

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for Roland JP-8000/JP-8080

for Access Virus A to TI2

for Korg MS2000/MS2000R

for Korg microKorg

for Clavia Nord Lead/Rack to Lead 2X/Rack 2X

for Waldorf Q 

for Waldorf microQ

for Waldorf Blofeld

for Novation Nova / Supernova

for Novation Nova II / Supernova II

for Waldorf Pulse/Pulse+

for Waldorf Pulse 2

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