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AudioUnit and VST Editor / Librarian plug-ins for Hardware synthesizers

We build the best AudioUnit and VST editor / librarian plug-ins in the market. And we are proud of it.


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What is Mystery Islands Music?

Mystery Islands Music is a young company, and we create Soundsets, sample packs and AudioUnit / VSTi plugins for Hardware Synthesizers. All of the code is written in C++ using Xcode and we use Photoshop to design our plugin graphics. We are constantly building new plugins and fixing found bugs on our current products. Mystery Islands Music is currently owned by single person, Jani Kervinen who has been making music for decades and his productions has been on the charts several times.

We like to think “bring back the fun” when it comes down to making music. Software synths are widely being used at the moment and hardware synthesizers are almost forgotten, so we though to give them another life, or should we say: “one more chance”. All of the producers out there knows the fact that using software synths / plugins is a lot quicker way to build tracks. Well, we want to make an announcement: From now on, you can use your hardware synths inside your DAW with our plugin. Quickly, easily and the best thing: you don’t have to store or load your patches manually when you reopen your project!

Our goal for 2016 is to release 6 new products, so check the website through for open jobs as well. Share the page / news / products in social media to get our products in the knowledge of other producers as well! It won’t hurt you ;-)

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