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Since AURA Plugins acquired the Editor developement, there has been major updates to Access Virus Editor, Roland JP-80x0 Editor and many new Editors are on their way.
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Novation SNX and Novation SN2X updates


Novation SNX and Novation SN2X updates

by | Jan 17, 2020 | News, Plugin Update, SN2X Update, SNX Update


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Novation SNX and Novation SN2X plug-ins has been updated to new version. Novation SNX is now at v1.0.9 and Novation SN2X is at v1.1.2

We brought in a new feature set for both plug-ins and they share the same change log in that manner.

Change Log

  • [New] Request Interval has a new range of 50ms, 75ms, 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 300ms, 400ms, 500ms. Default is set to 100ms. When writing data to hardware, it is suggested to use 150ms interval (by us).
  • [New] Patch & Bank conflict warning system. This means that when ever parts share same bank & program number info, it will warn the user of such action. This function is great when data is being recalled to synth since it would overwrite the buffer with another parts data. *
  • [New] Bank and Patch Number display. Browse hardware banks / patches OR Librarian banks / patches from the main UI. **
  • [New] Browse Banks and Patches from Plug-in GUI without entering Librarian view. If Library Control is toggled on, user can browse banks and patches of librarian without having to enter the librarian itself. ***
  • [New] Saving mechanism update for GUI data to librarian has been improved. Now there is a single button in Librarian view to store GUI data on currently selected slot of Librarian view. User still has to Overwrite the bank or Save As under a new bank name for safety measure. ****
  • [New] Open Data Folder menu item in Patch Librarian Bank Edit menu. *****
  • [New] Multi level subfolder support for Patch Librarian.
  • [New] Improved MIDI and SysEx handling.
  • [New] Auto-save MIDI I/O. MIDI input and output are stored into text file when they are initially set. Next time the plug-in is inserted, these ports will be recalled and global data will be requested from the hardware. *****
  • [Fixed] Resolved issue where plugin would fail to pass scanning process and did not appear in the DAW.
  • [Other] Altered some button colors in Librarian to draw in more attention.
  • [Other] Framework updates to make everything work smoother.

Lets talk about the new features a bit;

Bank Conflict Warning System

(*) Patch & Bank conflict warning systems ensure that you as a user won’t have two of the same presets chosen at the same time. This would cause conflicts when editing another part while the other part has the same presets chosen as well. Of course, there are synths which can deal this in good fashion by providing a good temp memory for editing patches, but we just want to make sure same combination of banks and programs won’t be used. The popup is a bit annoying (maybe) but it can save your work!

Better UX Controls

(**) As seen in the image above, we have new bank and program number display which will indicate the currently selected bank and program per part. These values change when you change part giving you faster access to your presets.

  1. Clicking the bank letter, will popup a bank selection list and..
  2. Clicking the program number will popup a program selector list in segments of 10 program each.
  3. When “Request Data On Bank / Program Change” is active and you make program change via your master keyboard, plugin menu or Novation hardware, plug-in will automatically pull the current program data to the user interface.
  4. When “Library Control On Program Change” is active, plugin will send program from patch librarians corresponding slot to the Novation hardware while updating the user interface as well.

Note, that while the “Library Control On Program Change” is on, you can click on bank letter to popup a list of your Patch Librarian banks in and quickly choose the bank you want to browse. Same applies to program number menu, except you can see the program names as well :-) Few images below to demonstrate how it looks!

Bank Display

(***) Solid arrow shows the Library Control On Program Change is toggled on. Box indicates the bank selection menu trigger and dashed arrows indicate banks chosen.

Program Display

(***) Solid arrow shows the Library Control On Program Change is toggled on. Box indicates the program selection menu trigger and dashed arrows indicate program chosen.

Save Part to Slot

(****) Librarian feature set has been improved to make saving process a bit faster on your custom edits. Now user can quickly request current part edit data to the librarian and work it from there.

Simply enter Patch Librarian, choose a bank you want to modify & a program slot and click “Save Data to Slot”. This will request current user interface data to the currently selected librarian lost! For safety measures, user still has to Overwrite the bank or choose Save As.. in order to store the data. Two clicks less ;-)

Works in Performance and Program mode.

Open Data Folder

(*****) Open Data Folder option in Patch Librarian Bank Edit menu allows user to open the plugin data directory quickly. This way user can paste the license.key in the root folder and/or paste program & performance banks in the Patches folder. As we now have multi-level subfolder support, user can create folders according to their needs and put the banks in them.

  1. Click Bank Edit menu item
  2. Choose Open Data Folder near the bottom and it will open a new finder (macOS) or explorer (Windows) window on your OS.

Upper list “right click” functions

On top of everything about the update, I just wanted to drop a line about the right click menu on the upper program/performance/pattern selection list. As with version 1.1.2, we made some cosmetic changes to understand better what each function does. Get DATA from…

  1. Plug-in (active patch)
    * this will request either a Program or Performance from plug-in user interface to the currently selected slot. Note in program mode that part selection matters too!
  2. Hardware Edit Buffer
    * this will request buffer program or performance from hardware to librarian slot. Note in program mode that part selection matters too!
  3. Hardware by Prog No.
    * this will request Program or Performance defined by the user into the librarian slot. If you request data from slot 042 and you have Bank C selected on the new display, this will get Program number 042 from Bank C from your synth.

That sums up the update and these features has been slowly rolling into our other plug-ins as well. Next in the line are VirusHC and JP-80×0!

You can download the DEMO version from the product pages:

Novation SNX (for Nova and Supernova)
Novation SN2X (for Nova II and Supernova II)

Full version update is available at

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