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Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic – Northern Sea


Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic – Northern Sea

by | Nov 30, 2009 | Releases


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Track title: Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic – Northern Sea (Mystery Islands Remix)
Label: Unearthed Recordings
Release date: 30.11.2009

Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic bring us our next release on Unearthed Records entitled Northern Sea. Northern Sea is everything we have came to expect from this strong production team, a quality club trance track with a great melody, pounding beats and epic acid riff section. Most definitely our favourite track together from these great producers.

Bringing us the first remix is Slovenian based producer Reconceal. Utilising the original elements from the track under his own great sound Reconceal has provided an epic interpretation of the track. Featuring some great acid lines, fills and lovely piano the remix is an example of great trance.

Next up is a producer who needs no introduction, Jani Kervinen aka Mystery Islands. Awesome acid sounds, exquisite percussion and fantastic synthwork Jani has created another masterpiece. Adding his own special touch with great new melodies and an incredible breakdown his remix is packed full of emotion.

Alex Robert brings us the next remix on the more progressive tip. The track revolves around an incredibly phat bassline and great percussion with intricate melodic synths bringing the track forward to the elegant breakdown. The break builds to an awesome climax then drops back into the track with the bassline taking centre stage before unleashing all the melodic elements again.

Last but certainly not least is another exquisite remix from Sergey Shemet. Anybody who liked his track Renderworld is sure to love this remix. A very driving techy, progressive yet epic version of the track, making full use of the melody on top of a massively dirty bassline completes the release in stupendous style.

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