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Access Virus|HC Updated to v1.4.5


Access Virus|HC Updated to v1.4.5

by | Apr 27, 2016 | News, Plugin Update, Virus|HC Update

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  1. Scott Harris

    Thanks for the continual updates and improvements. I have no issue with recommending MysteryIsland editors to my friends based on your commitment to getting this product right. I am looking forward to the project recall fixes as I had contented myself with editing and automatic patches and rendering the audio. This will help with workflow. Best wishes for 2017. – Scott

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Access Virus|HC plugin has been updated to version 1.4.5 with several critical fixes:

  • Data was not sent correctly to Virus up on project recall.
  • Arrow keys now work in librarian window to scroll patches.
  • Removed the all annoying “please wait…” window and re-placed it with a new “loading…” overlay that only appears in bottom right corner.
  • IMPORTANT: keep your Virus in MULTI mode while you recall your project. Otherwise the multimode mixer data won’t be understood by the hardware. You can swap between MULTI & MULTISINGLE/SEQ MODE mode if you want to change a different patch from your hardware but must return to MULTI mode later on :-)
  • Core updates.

If you already own a license for VirusHC, you can download the free update from your account.

Demo versions are also updated and downloadable from the Access Virus|HC product page.

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