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Roland JP-80×0 Update – Version 2.2.3


Roland JP-80×0 Update – Version 2.2.3

by | Oct 15, 2017 | JP-80x0 Update, News, Plugin Update


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With the new Roland JP-80×0 Update v2.2.3 we bring small fixes to previous release.

Here is the what we have done since version 2.2.2:

Version 2.2.3 / 2017-10-15

  • [Fixed] When patch / performance data was altered on left bank, user was able to scroll through different banks. Now user must save or discard changes in order to change bank in left view.
  • [Fixed] Removed Key Mode from Randomizer function.
  • [Fixed] Program changes from external sources now changes program in hardware IF Allow Incoming Program Change button is toggled.
  • [Fixed] If synth is in dual mode and notes / controls are triggered from Performance MIDI channel to plugin, notes and controls will be sent to both layers.
  • [Fixed] Renaming patches / performances did not work as expected in librarian.
  • [Fixed] Layer link does what it is supposed to do: links layers.
  • [Fixed] Layer link switch was unavailable when leaving Velocity Assign Layer.

License.key is available at My Account -> My Orders -> view the order that contains your JP-80×0 Plug-in purchase.

Latest updates are available at Downloads page – Login and download the latest Roland JP-80×0 update!

Roland JP-80×0 AudioUnit / VST Editor & Librarian Editor

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